The Year is 5024 and the Galaxy is not what it once was.

In 2105 the alliance of man - an alliance of every country in the world - developed 'Sub-Tachyon' technology, allowing them to travel to the nearby solar system of Alpha Centauri.

Fifty years later, the twenty star systems surrounding Sol - the star system containing Terra - had been colonised. Man was in it's Golden Age.

It didn't stop there though, five years later the 'Hyper-Drive' was invented allowing even faster space travel. Hundreds of planets were colonised in the hundred years to come.

Then the insurrection began.

The 'Outer-rim' territories of the galaxy - rich in minerals and precious gases used for the Hyper Drive - were being exploited. The Core worlds of the alliance of man - later renamed the Terran Navy - had been mining the resources of the Outer-rim and 'neglecting' the task of paying the Outer-rim workers who mined there. The workers became angry, hungry and led a calculated inserruction against the Terran Navy, capturing the vessels around their planets and pushing their way in toward Earth.

The war has been raging for almost three millenia and still the Terran Navy will not give in.

The rebels have been forced to move from planet-to-planet in a desperate attempt to stay alive. To this day there is only twelve rebel sympathetic systems left to fight against the many hundreds of worlds strong Terran Navy.

The rebels have eventually managed to push their way far enough into the core worlds to launch a desperate strike against:


Welcome to the war-fuled universe of the year 5024, this project has been undertaken by one person, the esteemed rebel - Admiral Haravikk Kharr.

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This is fairly simple. Just move the contents of the folder called 'put in your local folder' into your local folder (duh!). Now just open Myth II, SHIFT-Click on 'New Game' and double-click on 'Battle for the Planet Terra'.


The weapons of the year 5024.

Laser - the standard weapon of all sides, quite quick at firing but not very powerful.

Heavy Laser - more powerful than a laser but slower at firing, when used in the amounts seen on a cruiser or frigate these weapons get devastating.

Reactor - based - laser cannon - mostly the same as a standard laser except it uses a store of energy which is recharged by a reactor.

Ballistic Missile - an unpowered, unguided missiles, powerful and quick.

Guided Missile - powered and guided missile, powerful and fast but less common than ballistic missiles.


The best section in this read me file. In this map are five, yes FIVE! all new creations!

An important note: ships differ depending on what faction of the war they belong to.

Pirate (renegade) ships have less ammo for their secondary attacks (missiles or repairs) except they are much faster. Pirates can Fighters, Repair ships and Destroyers.

Rebel are normal speed and have more ammo than pirates. Rebels can have Fighters, Repair Ships, Destroyers and Frigates.

Terran vessels are the same speed as Rebel ships except they make use of Guided missiles, this however, results in the loss of ammo due to the guidance systems required.

The Fighter

The Fighter is fast, lightly armed, lightly armoured but extremely cheap. Armed with two lasers and missiles.

The Repair Ship

Fast, tough and with the repair ability these ships are very useful vessels. Armed with one heavy laser.

The Destroyer

The lightest Warship available, these are quite fast, heavily armed and extremely tough compared to fighters. Armed with six laser cannons and missiles.

The Frigate

Medium sized Warships. Slow, tougher than destroyers, and heavily armed. Eight laser cannons for rebels and four heavy lasers for the Terran Navy. Also has missiles.

The Cruisers

Terran Navy only. The most poweful ship in the galaxy. Long-ranged, unbelievable tough, heavily armed but very slow and extrmely vulnerable to asteroids. Armed with twelve Heavy Lasers and fourty-eight guided missiles.


There are two levels in this plug-in a multi-player and a single-player.

Single-Player - Battle for the Planet Terra - The Terran Navy has made a mistake and you - the rebels - must make sure they suffer for it. Even on timid it's hard!


Additional features on this map are:

A brand-new Earth, it ain't what it used to be!

A Moon to go along with Earth, doesn't do much though...

Asteroids to make things a lot more...'interesting'.

In-game music, Space, quiet? It just gets boring. Music's more fun! Music from Descent™

Awesome graphics, all units have sixteen views and awesomely detailed and realistic graphics with reflections. Designed to work with most colours, no black...PLEASE!!!!!


I'm not sure what to put here so I'll just put down the Bungie Copyright for now.

Myth : The Fallen Lords and Myth II : Soulblighter are copyright Bungie Software Corporations (or is that Take 2?) 1997-5024. This was created using Bungie (or Take 2)'s Fear and Loathing as well as Vista's Amber. Created by Haravikk.


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Please contact us if you wish to use anything in this plug-in.


I was completely unaware of the existence of Polycon Starships until a few days before I wrote this read me. I still don't know what it is but please don't think that I'm copying.