Bar Room Brawl v1.2 by Haravikk

Thank you for downloading perhaps my greatest net play achievement for Myth ][, the one and only Bar Room Brawl by myself, Haravikk. There are a few things which you will need to know in order to play Bar Room Brawl, this read me will attempt to cover all of these things in as straight-forward and understandable manner as possible so that you can launch head-first into Bar Room Brawl and make full use of it, at the same time!



New in version 1.2



The Game




Installing Bar Room Brawl is extremely simple as it is in the common Myth ][ Plug-in file format. Simply locate the plugin named "The Bar Room Brawl v1.2", it should be in the same folder as this read me (the folder should by default be called "brawl folder". Once you have found this file you must open your Myth ][ folder, now simply drag this file into the folder named "Plugins". Simple. Many users might find it easier to click on the plug-in and choose "Cut" then Paste the file into their Plugins folder, but I don't reccommend it myself.

Additional Multiplayer Installation

In case you haven't done so you will need to make sure you are currently using either or before playing this online.
New in version 1.1

1) There is an additional solo mesh called "The Bar Room Brawl" this allows you to practice netplay skills in a ten minute LMOTH game against two fully scripted opponents

2) Stools no longer smash as easily (big woof I know)
3) Magic Crystals now make you completely invisible to the enemy except when attacking or flinching...OUCH!

4) Missed out in the v1.1 read me is that barrels will now always take damage but their status cannot be seen (hehe). No more hacking at one barrel for the entire game to no effect!
5) Fixed a bug for PC netplay where dwarves disappeared after becoming stunned
6) Added two new weapons, boom stick and armageddon, w00t!
7) Fixed a bug where dwarves sometimes died in explosions

New in version 1.1

1) Fixed "disappearing dwarf" bug
2) Added six new weapons
3) Made beserk attack mana ("rage") based
4) Tweaked experience, more damage means less acuracy but faster combat attacks
5) Added pool table
6) Fixed exploding barrel related deaths (the ones that shouldn't happen that is :)
7) Added 2 new game types (see below)
8) Changed version to 1.2

1Brewery Store Room
2 Main Hall Way
3 Tavern Entrance
4 Brewery
5 Main Store Room
6 Outer Bed Chambers
7 Bed Chambers
8 Bar Room
Bar Room Brawl comes with a total of 4 net maps and 1 solo map using the same colour map as follows:

Bar Room Brawl (16 players)
This is the classic Bar Room Brawl map and features up to 16 players, each player has a single brawl dwarf with which to fight with.

Brewhouse Bash (8 teams)
Same as Bar Room Brawl except with 8 teams of two brawl dwarves.

Dwarven Drinking Games (4 teams)
This is where the real action begins as there are 4 teams each with 4 dwarves. Game types such as Capture the Flag and Flag rally are now available.

A long awaited drinking party (2 teams)
Two teams of eight dwarves for the ultimate in team based strategy. This is intended for games of Capture the Flag taking place in the brewery and the bar for one hell of a team net play challenge!

Those Rotten Ghôls
You control Gourlay the Legless Dwarf in his quest to rid the bar of the Ghôls that now plague it! This is a quickly bashed together solo map but it is actually quite fun and helps give you get a feel for the mesh whilst blasting things to bits! SWEET! And only eleven map actions! NOTE: Do not count data containers and blank spaces, they aren't actions as such

The Bar Room Brawl
This is basically a ten minute LMOTH against two scripted opponents (1 dwarf each) taking place in the brewery. It's good for getting used to the way all the items work and also playing Bar Room Brawl. It can be quite fun on it's own as well but it isn't as difficult as maybe it could be on legendary. The other dwarves do however make frequent and deadly use of items. It is not possible to die (or become unconcious) on this map but watch out, you can still be stunned and after that teleported to the start


Okay, there is only one type of unit in Bar Room Brawl and that is a modified dwarf called a Brawl Dwarf (though they are displayed as Dwarves in game). These have a number of attacks as follows:

Primary - Stab/Kick
Your dwarf's basic mêlée attack, this causes small amounts of damage to the target at close range and can be blocked. Kick is a variant for use when your target is stunned or unconcious.

Primary - Throw
Your dwarf has the ability to throw objects in the same way as a ghôl, this is longer ranged however and you must be careful not to hit the ceiling or to throw away items which you want to keep!

Secondary - Beserk
Your dwarf's special mêlée attack. Basically he will spin round at high speed with his dagger outstretched causing damage to a small area, this damage is draining and will normally get a stun or knock-out with on use. However, your target(s) can still hurt you while you are spinning and damage is random which means results will be varied greatly. Requires full mana

Taunt - Hide
Not technically an attack, hit your taunt button (default "U") in order to have your dwarf lie down as if stunned or unconcious, since overhead maps are useless this hide attack can be surprisingly effective if used correctly

The Game

Bar Room Brawl includes three new game types; the first is similar to your average Last Man Standing style match. All players must fight amongst each other, when there are only two dwarves left then sudden death will activate and stuns/knock-outs will no longer occur. When only one dwarf is left STANDING (ie - not stunned, unconcious or dead) then the game is over.

The second game type is "Hunt the Ghôl!", this is hunting with a single target who will try to evade you! Only available on 16 player

The third is "Pathfinder", this is basically assasin except all your dwarves are invisible until they attack, if you have a crystal you will stay invisible as normal, in such tight confines this is really fun!

Being Stunned or Unconcious

In bar room brawl it is possible to become stunned or unconcious when you take damage. Basically, when your health reaches 50% your dwarf will fall down stunned. You can only be stunned four times however, after which you will become unconcious (an unlimited amount of times). When a dwarf is stunned he is invincible and down for 2 to 10 seconds before he gets back up at 90% health again. When a dwarf is unconcious he will be at 90% health and can take damage (and can be killed). An unconcious dwarf gets up after 20 to 30 seconds.

If sudden death in a game ever activates dwarves can no longer become stunned or unconcious and will die like normal units would.


There are quite a few items in Bar Room Brawl, some of these you may rarely encounter but it is worthwhile to know them anyway:
Beer Bottle
You wouldn't think it but beer is actually quite common in a bar! Well, these beer bottles can be picked up and thrown at a target for small ammounts of damage or drank (special ability) in order to heal yourself. Beer bottles have between 1 and 2 drinks in them so it is often used as a heal then throw weapon. Found in beer barrels and throughout the tavern
Bar Stool
No, you can't actually sit on these. But you can throw them to cause fairly large amounts of damage, more than a beer bottle. You can also use these in combat (special ability) for a little more punch than Found in bar
Like most things these pumpkins can be thrown at an enemy to cause tiny (and uncommon) amounts of damage. Their main advantage and use is that they can heal you in the same way as a beer bottle but always have 3 charges. Found in food barrels
There's gold in them thar hills! But there's dynamite here so ignore gold for now! These sticks of good old TNT can be thrown to make potent satchel charges, or lit (special ability) in which case you'd better be a fast runner! Found in Beer Barrels
Hangover Mints
These look like crystals, when eaten they make you partially invisible (50% transparent) and COMPLETELY invisible to the enemy (except when attacking or flinching). The special ability creates a nasty barrier spell , if you step into it you become stuck for a time. These are found in beer barrels
A very spicy little plant this gives you the ability to breathe fire! Comes with 2 to 5 charges using special ability to activate. Found in food barrels
Big book O' Party Tricks
Garrick left his journal and it turns out it has some pretty neat tricks in there! YOU CAN SHOOT LIGHTNING! Use special ability to fire lightning 2 to 5 times. This is found in the brewery
The Ibis Crown
Alric is a clumsy twit isn't he? He's lost his crown and it wound up here, oh well, pick this up to gain invulnerability to most anything (except slashing damage). Special ability is a mini warlock ring of fire. This is found in the centre of the bar
Boom Stick
This potent green staff causes a flurry of erruptions around our heroic dwarf, these explosions cause significant damage after short exposure, great defensive weapon (it blows up surrounding object by the way). Found in food barrels
THE END IS NIGH!! REPENT!! REPENT!! Okay, it's not quite that bad but it is close. Everything within 20 WU is paralysed. To add insult to inevitable death everyone within 1 WU (including the owner) is turned to stone then destroyed instantly! EEK! This is best used on a team game or if you're feeling suicidal, it's very rare though! Found (almost never) in beer barrels
"All I wanted were sharks with frickin' lasers attached to their heads!". Well, sorry but you only get a mirror image of yourself to fool enemies with! Found in food barrels
Simply a pillow, these can be thrown (to cause no damage) or used in melee (special ability), it will come with up to 9 charges, each melee use will use up 3 charges (for 3 hits) and causes small amounts of damage (and some feathers!). Found in the bedroom
Poison Globe
Throw these and they will bounce all over the place causing a little damage. Use special ability and you have an instant poision cloud that paralyses everyone in it (including you!). Found in beer barrels
These can be thrown using primary to cause small amounts of damage, or fired directly using special ability to cause more damage, however, it cannot be re-used. You get these from dead dwarves or lying around.
Smoke screen
These smoking bottles can be thrown using special to land and create a huge smoke cloud for you to hide in. Found in beer barrels
Dwarf Head
Throw these to cause small damage and to confuse your target. Dwarf pieces provide these!
Firework Skull
Special ability sets of a load of fireworks above the target's head (special - click on the ground to launch from yourself). These cause significant damage and paralysis, but require a direct hit. Loads of these are launched over a short period of time. These are found in beer barrels
Exploding Barrel
These barrels will explode when damaged too much, no initial damage is actually caused but fire hurts you know!
Beer Barrel
These barrels contain 2 to 8 beer bottles, 1 Dynamite (1.2% chance), 1 Hangover Mint (1.2% chance), 1 smoke screen (5% chance), 1 firework (5% chance), 1 poison globe (7.5% chance) and 1 boom stick (1.2% chance)
Food Barrel
These barrels contain 1 to 4 beer bottles, 1 flamer (2.5% chance), 1 Mini-Me (10% chance) and 1 Armageddon (0.0005% chance!)


Myth : The Fallen Lords and Myth II : Soulblighter are copyright in part or in whole Take 2 Interactive 2002 (and onwards). This plug-in was created using Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Haravikk. Any improper use of and/or release of edited materials based on this plug-in is strictly forbidden without the prior consent of Haravikk. This plug-in may be freely distributed on any non-profit medium (free internet sites) as long as the read me and corresponding files are also included