Balista v1.0

Thanks for downloading the Balista! You won't be dissapointed!



PRIMARY ATTACK - Balista bolt. The Balista will hurl a huge sharpened wooden log at the enemy. When the bolt hits there is an explosion (so you know this will hurt) capable of causing immense destruction to a small area. When the Balista Bolt explodes small pieces scatter about, the 'arrow head' (the little metal triangle) can cause damage and can be thrown by a ghôl.

SPECIAL ABILITY - Flaming Balista bolt. Exactly the same as the normal Balista Bolt but sets fire to the ground. Each Balista has 2 of these and can't have more.


LIFESPAN - Flaming and non-flaming Balista Bolts use a lifespan to destroy them (if they don't hit anything first) which means they can't attack the ground so shooting at an enemy in a long line of enemies is advised.

VULNERABILITIES - A Balista is weak against fire and will suffer double damage if caught by a flame arrow or Flaming Balista Bolt.

STRENTHS - A Balista is strong against lighting attacks. Balistas are immune to Paralysis and suffer little damage from gas. Balistas are also quite tough against swords, claws and arrows.


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Although you're not required to I would like to be informed of any multi-player or solo maps which use this unit so that I can download them and kick ass using my experiance with the Balista to my advantage. Simply click here to send a mail to me! Also you can feel free to mess around the collection reference using fear to create new and exciting colour combinations! I advise you NOT to touch any projectiles or alter any of the ranges of the Balistas attacks or anything in the objects folder, this can result in: Balista Bolts flying backwards, exploding to soon, flying from one end of the map to the other, floting up the way, Balistas moveing up to the enemy then running and never firing, while sometimes interesting I find some of these completely absurd! Finally I'd like you to note that I tried to make the yellow parts of the Balista bolt use a players secondary colour but since brown has yellow in it wooden parts of the Balista were changing colour. If anybody fixes this and makes it so that ONLY the yellow parts change colour and none of the brown parts send a mail to me with FIXED collection as an attachment. Use the previous link to send a mail.

Please enjoy this brand unit from S-Tech computer game and Myth II creations!

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