Balin's Bar Dorf Riot v1.1

By KVLtv.


         "Burn baby burn!"

  "So, you want to blow up your enemies, your friend's enemies, and your friends, do you? Maybe you just want to see the raining death of satchel charges? It could be possible that you just might want to be the cause of some major destruction. Of course you love to watch as someone's dorf   bottle goes out in the rain, so you have the opportunity to disappoint them instead. If any of this is true, you're in for a Dorf Riot treat! "


  The opportunity to make this map came from some work done by El Bastard on units. To be specific, the Dorf Pathfinders. I'm afraid I'm not that accomplished as to have converted them myself. I made this because I know of your love for the Dorf Riot maps of the past and I hope you'll enjoy it. As you can see, it takes place on Gimble. It has two 6 team variants: "Balin's Bar Dorf Riot" and "Slingin' in the Rain". It also has two 8 team variants: "Rainy Day Dorf Riot" and "Fist Full of Balins". Despite the names, "Balin's Bar Dorf Riot" and "Rainy Day Dorf Riot" are not the traditional Dorf Riots. They have 3 of the Dwarf Mortars and 3 of the Dorf Pathfinders as the primary units. "Fist Full of Balins" and "Slingin' in the Rain" in using 6 Dorf Pathfinders as the primary units are more of the traditional style Riot. These two variants use the Dwarf Mortar units as the targets for Assassin, and Thrall as the targets for Stampede!. "Balin's Bar Dorf Riot" and "Rainy Day Dorf Riot" on the other hand, use Wights as the Assassin targets instead. If you liked the original Dorf Riot on Mudpit for TFL, you'll most likely enjoy this map too. The weather is rainy and the air strikes really make the map.
Have fun!

The Myth II: Soulblighter Plugin



Make sure that the plugin for Myth II: Soulblighter reads:

Balin's Bar Dorf Riot v1.1

  Place it in your plugins directory located in the Myth II: Soulblighter main directory. Then choose one of the variants mentioned above while in options during multiplayer gaming:

Units:  Dorf Pathfinders complete with air strike capability and Mortar Dwarves. With a guest appearance by Thrall and Wights in the Assassin and Stampede! games.

Body Count, Steal the Bacon, Last Man on the Hill, Flag Rally, Capture the Flagg, Balls on Parade, Captures, King of the Hill, Stampede!, and Assassin.

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