"Baak's Anywhere Multi Pak" - Pluginized and Extensive Mods by Baak (OoH)
  Original Plugin/Conversion Authors:

     "Alien Dark Tide (ADT)" by Strangelet (TMBM)
     "A Very Idiot Christmas" by Idiot Mapmaking Collective
     "A Very Idiot Halloween" by Idiot Mapmaking Collective
     "Bushido" by Creation
     "Dorfball" by Badlands
     "Jinn" by Vista Mapmaking Cartel
     "Leggo" by Rohan (MoR); additional Leggo III work by Synapsed
     "MythWarrior" by Rohan (MoR)
     "Uber Ghol Riot (UGR)" and "Mini UGR" by Baak (OoH)
     "The Wild West" by Bar 7
     "Worlds Collide" by Cydonian
     "WWII" by Santa's Head #CP#
  Dedicated to the Members and Special Guests of the Order of H'Pak,  my lovely wife Linda, the creators of the original incredible conversions, and Myth Players everywhere. Long Live Myth!

  NOTE: Requires Myth II Patch 1.6 or greater to play

  Last Updated: 2008-03-07 - v1.9

  Ever loaded up your favorite Myth conversion tagset only to find that the Archers on the map don't convert? Ever wanted to play MythWarrior somewhere other than the original map? Annoyed that Leggo netgame balls have no color? Does the idea of playing Bushido on Fetchball or Wild West on a Dorfball map make you want to track down your Myth buddies and get playing tonight?

  If so, you have found salvation.

  The idea was simple: I wanted to be able to play the best conversions from Myth II on all the third-party maps we (the OoH) play regularly. Once I got started (and got really organized) I just couldn't stop. A year or so and a couple hundred hours later...

  Whenever gameplay changes were implemented (and there were literally a few hundred tweaks and changes throughout the set), I have taken great care to stay true to the feel of the original conversion. There are so many small fixes and tweaks that you'll just have to play them to know the difference. My goal was to make them so subtle you will be too enthralled with playing to even notice. Hopefully I have succeeded.

  Lastly, I have attempted to contact all the original authors of the plugins and have only received direct permission from Frigidman for Wild West and the folks at #CP# for WWII. I take zero credit for the original - often *astounding* - work that went into the conversions, but instead offer my expertise at  allowing us all to be able to play them "just about anywhere".



  Make *one* of the Anywhere plugins active and get your game on!

  Note that these plugins are for *multiplayer* maps - and for a lot of them.
  To play Wild West Anywhere on Lichen Final you do:

     { Wild West awXX }

  Easy, eh? All kinds of stuff is automatically converted including netgame balls and flags (they'll be standard ones if there were no new ones), some scenery, most ambient critters, and several little surprises. For most of the Anywhere series, "extra melee" is converted into nothing, which can make unit trading look a little odd (entries with no units) - but being able to control a smaller army can make a BIG difference in gameplay.

  If you want to play an Anywhere plugin on a map that requires a separate tagset (such as ADT 1.3), you will need to make that tagset active along with the map *unless* you are playing an Anywhere plugin on its original map.

  Thus to play "Bushido Anywhere" on an ADT Earthwar Map (available on the OoH Battle Plan (orderofhpak.com/BattlePlan.php)) you do:

     { Bushido awXX }
     ADT Tagset 1.3 (no auto-load)   <== MUST HAVE THE TAGSET FOR SCENERY
     ADT Earthwar map pack

  but to play "ADT Anywhere" (with its *extensive* gameplay enhancements):

     { ADT awXX }                    <== HERE THE AW PLUGIN *IS* THE TAGSET
     ADT Earthwar map pack

  DORFBALL: Because we love Dorfball, I not only made a "Dorfball Anywhere" but I included its enhanced Dorfball tagset (special balls in the status bar!) *inside every Anywhere plugin* - thus you can do:

     { Wild West awXX }              <== Anywhere PLUGINS *INCLUDE* DB TAGSET

  to play Wild West on a Dorfball map! No Dorfball Tagset required! Ha! :D

  In fact, each and every Anywhere plugin has different cool tweaks to the Dorfball game which you'll just have to play to discover. I've even included a separate "No Dorfball Refs" plugin if you want a no-holds-barred game.

  AND as a BONUS: I made all the Anywhere plugins play on Fetchball! OMG. Again, each has it's own qualities and little tweaks here and there.

  Finally, I made all the Anywhere plugins play properly *on their original maps*. This way you can play the enhanced versions of your favorite tagsets without having to load anything else. Note that this does not apply to solo maps - that's a whole 'nother project I probably won't tackle.

  But with 616 units and 78 projectiles converted for *each* plugin, we might not run out of maps to play on for quite awhile...

  Did I mention you can "stack" Trebuchets and/or Airships and/or most of the other OoH Unit and Game Conversion plugins on these? :)


  WWII Anywhere is a special set of plugins that allow you to play a small number of standard WWII soldiers on virtually any multiplayer map.

  At the beginning of the game, each WWII soldier spawns some extra Goodies that fall to the ground over the next 5-15 seconds *randomly every time*, just like in my Uber Ghol Riot (UGR) game.

  Items include: Grenades, RPG's, Incendiary grenades, and Medkits. *Plus*, each soldier starts with three grenades, so you don't have to spend time at the beginning of the game gathering them.

  NOTE: *** WWII AW should ALWAYS be played with NO UNIT TRADING ***

  In order to play with just a few units on all kinds of multiplayer maps, I had to do something a little different here. You pick ONE of the plugins to convert *a given set of units* to soldiers (the rest vanish):

     {{ WWII (arch+ghol) awXX }} - Archer and Ghol-type units
     {{ WWII (archers) awXX }}   - Archer-type units
     {{ WWII (dorfs) awXX }}     - Dorf-type units
     {{ WWII (ghols) awXX }}     - Ghol-type units
     {{ WWII (wights) awXX }}    - Wight-type units

  If there are no units of the type you selected with the plugin... GAME OVER!

  Using Gimble as an example:

     (dorfs) gives each team ONE Soldier. Remember: No Unit Trading is best.
     (ghols) gives each team TWO Soldiers.
     (archers) gives each team FOUR Soldiers.
     (arch+ghol) gives each team SIX Soldiers.

  The (wights) plugin is especially good for Krille's "Twister" map, where you get 1 to 4 Wights depending on the difficulty setting. What a cool map.

  The more Soldiers, the more Goodies. Occasionally more Goodies appear after certain time intervals, though there is no guarantee - that's random too.

  Lastly, you DO NOT need to add the WWII tagset. Doing so will cause the 9th Gate of Hell to open. Seriously.

  For playing WWII on Fetchball or Dorfball maps: use *any one* of the plugs.


  * Playing Leggo Anywhere on a Dorfball map gives you Dwarf Santas that can pick up and toss the Grey Dorfballs just like the standard game. Sweet! However, they will show little "gift boxes" as the ammo icon in their status bar. I tried to change this but it never worked properly. 

  * Similarly, ADT has several units that have no ammo icon when picking up items - you'll just see a number for the ammo used by the unit. This can look a little odd when playing Dorfball because you will see the new Dorfball Special Ball icon (e.g. if you picked up a Red Ball) followed by a number if the unit is carrying n number of grenades. The same is true for AVI-Halloween which uses new pumpkins you can plop on the ground.

  * If loading a game sends you back to the Myth main menu, it's probably due to forgetting to load the original tagset on a map that requires it (see my explanation above for playing non-ADT-Anywhere on an ADT map). I still do this every now and then. If this is not the reason, please copy your "myth_log.txt" file *BEFORE* opening Myth again and send it to me. Thanks!

  * Please report any other quirks/comments via the OoH Forums:




  2008-03-06 v1.9 - Initial Release of consolidated Pak - MAJOR enhancements


 * This unaltered readme file must be included with the plugin at all times.

 * This plugin is freeware and comes with no warranty whatsoever. Use at your
   own risk.

 * Please report any bugs to the author to allow them to be incorporated into
   future releases, preferably in the OoH Feedback Forum:


 * Only the author is authorized to distribute this plugin in any form,
   whether for profit or not. Exception: You may place this plugin on archive
   media (e.g. CD/DVD) for your own private collection or to distribute among
   Myth players you are actively playing with, as long as you do so without
   profit or commercial gain and you, and those to which you distribute this
   plugin as described, abide by this EULA.

 * If the author and OoH sites disappear completely from the Myth Community,
   and they have not passed their material on to a designated party, and the
   author has not already posted the plugin on a public download site (such as
   The Tain or MythMaps), you may then post this plugin in a non-commercial
   environment as long as you abide by this EULA.

 * If you wish to modify this plugin, extract original material created by the
   author (including, but not limited to: scripting, units, tags, graphics,
   sounds), or incorporate it or portions of it elsewhere, you must obtain
   written permission from the author first and give appropriate credit.
   If you are unable to contact the author (or the author's designated
   representative(s)) because they have left the Myth community completely,
   you are free to proceed as long as you give appropriate credit and do not
   use any content or derivative works for commercial purposes.

 * Anything not created independently from the Myth game by the author are
   copyright Bungie Software and/or Take Two Interactive and/or their
   respective author(s). Any other plugins mentioned in this document are
   copyright by their respective author(s).

 * "Flying Invisible Squirrel Heads"; UGR Random Goodie Scattering concept,
   logic, execution, and tags; and any work created independently of the
   original plugin author(s) and/or Bungie Studios and/or Take Two Interactive
   are: Copyright (C)2003-2008 Baak'lor Studios. All Rights Reserved.

 * "Uber Ghol Riot" and all related independently created material, including,
   but not limited to: The Uber Ghol Riot Background and Story; "Uber Ghol";
   "UGR"; "Goodies"; "Exploding Dorf Heads", "Pickles o' Death",
   "Shield Spheres", "Stone Pumpkins", "Groovy Pumpkins"; "Chaos Cubes"; all
   UGR Characters, Unit Types, Weapons, Weapon Behavior, Unit Names, Flavors,
   Descriptions, Abilities, Attributes, Behaviors, Strengths and Weaknesses;
   Unit/Game Balance; the combination of settings, units, weapons, ambient
   items, etc. that make up the game "Uber Ghol Riot"; the random scattering
   of UGR Goodies, including logic and execution of same; any and all original
   UGR graphics and sounds; The Uber Ghol Riot Readme, Manual and any other
   related documentation; are: Copyright (C)2003-2008 Baak'lor Studios. All
   Rights Reserved.