Current maps

Assault On Heartbreak Ridge b2.0 (.ZIP) (1305K) - 1.3 Myth TFL Plugin File -    BETA VERSION

The release for beta 2 is 9/7/98.

pregame ridge

Blood, Steel, and Snow (.ZIP) (1819K) - 1.3 Myth TFL Plugin File -

Blood, Steel, and Snow is a custom made Myth map. Currently at version 1.1, the release date is 8/07/98. This map is based on "If I Had a Trow", with a new snow and blood texture and new units. Any similarity to currently existing maps is purely coincidental (contrary to a certain persons belief I did not try and copy Return of the Elven Kings). Please email me for comments or questions.

A list of the units:

The Kings of the fabled berserker hordes of the North have met on the field of battle, and will not leave until the river is stained with the blood of thousands. Desperate for victory, the rival Kings have gone to grave lenths to recruit new followers, venturing even into the far Northern Caves to seek out the aid of the dreaded Dwarven Fanatics.

pregame graphic