==Ardennes Remembered==

version 1.2(revised wolf)

Creator: Mystic Eye

Description :

Ardennes Remembered was inspired by the *Battle of the Bulge which was fought in the Ardennes Forest. This long historical battle was lived out during a rather severe cold snap, many a man froze nose and toes off waiting the encircling german army's advance. The line held, and Allied forces were able to rejoin the cold, under-supplied men...and win this most decisive confrontation. The area's real road and village map is prominantly displayed as the plugin's pregame picture.

On to the map:

Ardennes Remembered S-2:

All gametypes are featured with the exeption of Scavenger Hunt and Stampede, but the types of special interest are as follows:

  • Hunting: The hunted deer pack a conciderable whallop...so don't even try a stab!
  • Flag Rally: This gametype is fully functional but was really intended to show off all the different portions of the map.
  • Capture the Flag: This is the 'gem' gametype of Ardennes Remembered, and the reason for the maps design in the first place. Advancing forces will have to contend with a layered defensive position. (later described)

Ardennes Lone Wolf:

This is the "elim" variation mesh. Its Unit trading features choice of 4 different unit types. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages in use in regards to firepaower, range and reload capabilities. Most gametypes are supported.

Ardennes Attack Squad:

This is a "patrol" variation mesh. It also features different units, selectable through unit trading, as well as many gametypes. Special interest types are:

  • Hunting: Yup... them nasty deer again. (hint...injuring a deer causes it to flee from you..possibly towards an opposing player?? There's an opportunity for some good chuckles here...as well as a never before seen strategy in the hunting variation)
  • Assassin: You can still select your units with the exeption of the "ass". Your target? A lone wolf. You have full control over him (like any good dog owner) but this guy never really dies! Huh??!!?? Yup. When he get's snuffed he simply respawns at your original start position. This keeps you in the game to gain more "ass" kills, until game time runs out...as well as forcing you to multitask. Time limit suggested- 10 minutes.

The Terrain:

Most of the map is snow covered with muddy and gravel patches where each side has taken the time to dig foxholes for a first line of defense. Gameplay around these holes can be very intense as units use them for cover and dodging. Many many (about 600) trees adorn the map making even the flat areas good dodging ground. The center portion features a large village surrounded by a frozen river...(also the only obstacle free area) expect the village itself to be a no-mans-land of tru carnage!!


I'll leave the discovery of the units to you. If you are familliar with the units from "AvA" then you will already be aquainted.

*The Battle of the Bulge, which lasted from December 16, 1944 to January 28, 1945 was the largest land battle of World War II in which the United States participated. More than a million men fought in this battle including some 600,000 Germans, 500,000 Americans, and 55,000 British. The German military force consisted of two Armies with ten corps(equal to 29 divisions). While the American military force consisted of a total of three armies with six corps(equal to 31 divisions). At the conclusion of the battle the casualties were as follows: 81,000 U.S. with 19,000 killed, 1400 British with 200 killed, and 100,000 Germans killed, wounded or captured.

Credits: Units for Ardennes Remembered are from the "AvA" plugin by Zeph..adapted from WWII units by Santa's Head.

Thanx to: Posters in the-package.net cartography forum, without whom I would have been stuck on some key issues. Kelnic and Raggedfeather for troubleshooting advice. Bass for his knowledge, and tutorial, of Bryce. Vamp for his knowledge of fear and loathing and encouragement. Clem for the great colournap walk-through that started my love of all things photoshop. Bullet for his ideas, encouragement and the "fire under my ass" to start making maps in the first place. My gratitude goes out to all the beta testers: Bullet, Kelnic, Monkey, Bass, Ragged, Ara, Vamp, Misty, Dissallowed, Kronin, Retch...thanx guys and gal!

**Finally, to all the WWII veterans, and those lost, who are credited with giving us the world as it is now. We MUST remember them and thank them for their ultimate sacrifice of life, limb and their youth for the greater cause...and our future.


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