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Age units (FINAL)
created by: Lord-Icuss Tank ~TC~/~CT~

Created: 8/30/1999
Posted: 8/30/1999

This edits: Large Mycridia, Stygian knights, Stygian knights(netplay), Heron gaurds, Heron gaurd hero's.

Each unit has been modified to fit the criteria of my Map Age if the wights... and Age of the wights (MYG, The stygians where never placed into my Age maps so dont look for them in it.

Large mycridia have become: Small agile creatures with the cunning and ability to take out armys in a team fighting way( if you run from it it chases you, if you walk up to it it runs away untill you go the other way which then it chases you again. )
they also dont use that stupid throwing thing anymore...

Stygians&netplay have become: Trow size, about the speed of a thrall, the ability to take your soul and beat it even though you are no where near him( hard to explain ). When killing this Tank clanarian you must watch out for his death..he gives off a gas that is deadly and contagious...

Heron gaurds: Spys of murithemne have mana that is wasted when they swing thier swords...Life is higher, they have become smaller like a child in a custom. and they heal with mana also. they have different strengths than before also.
Watch out that you dont run out of mana, if you do they will just plain stop fighting and sit there having the blood beaten out of them while they wait to recharge.
The hero's strengths are different(same vitality, different weaknesses).


Details modified on: 9/1/1999

67 kb

129 DLs

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