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I've always been a big fan of huge team games. The chaos of random teams, the chance to really try out complex strategies, the unpredictability of your teammates, these are things that make team games–and Myth in general–unique. It's also the thing that attracts me the most about the game. I began by looking intently at existing team maps I enjoyed. Learning from what made classic maps successful, I brought that knowledge to this map.

The southern portion of this map is a jungle. The lush terrain spills down the hills and follows a river as it meanders up into the dersert, the verdant lands supplanted by sand and rock.The mix if terrains makes for a striking looking map, and the open areas lend themselves to a myriad of strategies. There are three meshes; light, dark, and high-powered.

Every aspect of this map has been carefully considered. The flag locations, the unit selection, the target units, the ambiant life, the terrain itself . . . This map also makes use of an un-used Bungie unit, called Lich by Vista and used on their map Heart of Darkness. The only thing that remains the same are the sprites. I've created a completely new unit, the Thrall Elite. They are close enough to regular thrall that they're easy to use, but they're different enough to make life interesting.

The single player/co-op mesh features the usual outstanding scripting by Ares and pits your army against the hordes of the Taken. From the moment the level begins you are beset by enemies, and no matter which direction you choose to go, there are more just around the corner. Feel like a real challenge? Play on legendary difficulty and face a multitude, including up to three Trow at once.

Give it a shot!

Thanks to Mormith for the use of his completely recreated Forest Giant (yes, that means remodelled). It's fantastic!

And thanks to the fine gents at Vista for access the the Hooded Thrall sprites.


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