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Extract the file "acgjol" to your \MythII\plugins\ directory



Adds two new maps to your collection:

Across The Gjol: Classic - This is a close reproduction of the classic Myth TFL map across the gjol.

Across The Gjol: MythII - This is a varient on the classic that exchanges some of the light units for morters, a warlock, and a heron. The dark get a Trow.


How To Use:

Single Player:

After installing the plugin (above), start MythII. Hold the shift key and click "New Game", once the map select comes up you can release shift. You should now see "Across The Gjol: Classic" and "Across The Gjol: MythII" at the top of the map list. Double click either to start the game.

Note: The shift-click step is required because by default MythII will not show you a mesh you have not played. Once you play one of the two varients you will have to shift-click again to see the other.



You can play coopratively on "Across The Gjol" through the internet.

Host a game and check the "use single player levels" checkbox above the map list. Then you can scroll down (or up, it will probably be at the top) and select "Across The Gjol: X" (X being either classic or mythii).

Note: MythII will not let you host a single player level you have not played. First play it alone (see above)

Important: Other players can not join your game unless they have the acgjol plugin installed, if you select it while players are in your game they will be booted. To return to hosting normal games, deactivate it by reversing the procedure described above.

You could also just join an Across The Gjol game, the map part of the game description will say *gasp* "Across The Gjol: X"



Q: Why can't I join a game using "Across The Gjol"?

A: First, check that the file is installed in your \Myth II\plugins\ directory. Also check to make sure the filename is "acgjol", capitalization and spacing count. The file should have no extention.


Q: Can I play multiplayer games on it?

A: No, there is no multiplayer mesh.


Q: Could it be causing my "out of sync" errors?

A: Only if the people playing have diffrent versions of the plugin (there is currently only one) or if someone has extracted the tags from it and played around with them.


Merlin's MythII:

Merlin's MythII is my website that covers general news and has a section filled with tutorials for mapmakers. Go check it out.

Merlin's MythII:


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