About this map

A Secret Place(v1.0) is a map plugin for MythIII: The Wolf Age, created by Strike.

There are 2 varients of this map, Light and dark, both featuring units included with Myth III

How to use this plugin

To use this plugin put the 'a secret place 1_0.tag' plugin into the 'Plugins' folder found inside your 'Myth III' folder.

About Mythwolfage

Mythwolfage is primarily a news and information site which has covered the development of Myth III and now strives to provide even more services after its launch.

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Extra Information

This map has been tested to the extent to which you should be able to the map without any trouble. It is possible that some bugs may have been missed. If anyone finds a significant bug in the map, please email me at strike@mythwa.com and I will do my best to fix everything.

This plug-in may be used and distributed freely as long as the documentation in this folder is included. The artwork from this level and the map itself should not be placed on or within any retail item without prior consent of its designer (Strike).

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