"A Place to Stand"

About this map

A Place to Stand (v1_1) is a map plugin for MythIII: The Wolf Age. It has been created by Leadfeather.

There are four variants of this map. I would tell you what they are but hell, no one reads these info sheets anyway. Just open the map.

How to use this plugin

To use this plugin put the 'A Place to Stand_v1_1.tag' plugin into the 'Plugins' folder found inside your 'Myth III' folder.

About Vista

Vista is a group dedicated to the production of high quality 3rd party Myth III plugins. These include new maps, units, models and virtually any editable aspect of Myth III.

Go to our website for more maps along with invaluable tips and info on making your own.

Fine Print

This plug-in may be used and distributed freely as long as the documentation in this folder is included. The artwork from this level, such as the colormap, may not be placed on a CD, packaged in a box, or have its image placed on the back of a retail item (such as the level from Jinn that was placed on the back of MythWorlds).It also must not be used for commercial distribution without the express permission of the author.