A Cold Day In Hell v1_0 ReadMe

A Cold Day In Hell v 1.0

Units by Santa's Head

Thanks to the guys that helped with this map

This is my first plugin and it took me a while to get it figured out. Thanks to all the guys who put up with my constant barrage of questions, (Dracolich of MIA, Alpha of 37, and especially Point, killingseed and Gunship of ARMY). Santa's Head for the WWII units, and Bungie for Myth II. I'm learning as I go, so try it out and see if it looks okay. After I learn a little more about this I'll try to make solo maps too.

The Map

The map was intended to be an Alpine winter scene and has 5 meshes. Elimination, Patrol, T2 (which is a 2 team with trading for tanks), S2 (also with trading but for field cannons), and S4 (four teams with trading for cannons and tanks). Watch the campfires, throw a nade in there and you might get hit in the head by a rock, and yes they will cause damage. It's snowing like crazy and the enemy is on the prowl, good luck. Be sure and activate the WWII units plug. Let me know how you like the map, and if you find any bugs. Map was made using Fear, Loathing, Photo Studio, Photo Deluxe, Paint (believe it or not), also used a Sony Digital camera and several cases of Bud Light.

E-mail me at kpittman@charter.net or visit the ARMY web page at http://turret.texzone.net.

KP (G. I. Joe)