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With only a few days left of the life on bnet Id thought I'd release this. There may be minor issues that I have yet to run across in testing but i think its pretty tight. Thanks for all the fun we have had together ...its been really fun. Anyway...here it is.

A while back Vista released Apathy and I started messing around with making models for myth 2. Well this is what I came up with. The models are pretty basic being the first ones I've made but the game play is fun...at least thats what I've been told.

There are 11 different meshes included on this Plug-In and they are listed below.

Meshes -

Solo/Co-op - there are 3 different objectives in this solo mesh. Though it can be played solo it was actually made with Co-op in mind. The objectives are as follows --- 1)Kill the 2 generals located in the North and West houses, 2) Destroy the Ammo Dump, 3) After you do the first 2 objectives you must get the cannon (or Tank ;))to the NW corner of the map and get out. Sounds simple eh? Well grab some friends and give it a shot...BTW...NO WHIMPS ALLOWED ;)

Elim-Patrol-Pairs - These are your regular WW2 meshes but with the 3 round Recon Soldiers. Also on Legendary I added a Shotgun pickup. This basically works like a Heavy Machine Gun but has only 5 rounds. You can click on yourself to throw the Shotgun before the rounds are gone - Pick it up to reload it :)

2 TEAM - This mesh is set up just like Recon...24 soldiers and 2 cannons to choose between. On heroic you have the ability to use reg and claymore mines. On leg you can get the rest of the toys -- HMG, Shotguns, TnT vests, Flamethrowers...whOOt :)

CARNAGE - This mesh was requested by a few members of ARMY so I threw it in for old times sake. It includes 2 teams with such units as the Mercenary Shotgun unit, Rocket Soldiers, Tanks, and Sooper Cannons(description below). The fighting is intense and bloody...so make sure ya got your head on straight before taking on the enemy on in Carnage. I didnt add choppers to this mesh because they just didnt feel right. :)

SOOPER CANNON MESHES- There are 5 meshes that use the sOOper cannon (described below*). There is FFA and a 2 Team varient on the zOOkville mesh and there is also FFA, 2 and 4 team varients on an older mesh of mine SANCTUARY. HAVE FUN :)

* The sOOper cannon is not your typical ww2 Field Cannon. Though it may look like it..its not. Under the hood you find a faster more powerful engine and with speeds up to 50 mph this cannon is sure to please. The sOOper cannon also has a new special, no more mine spitting for these babies. I gave then zOOK power. How it works is once you hit your special attack(T is default) your SC will fire a zook in the direction you're facing. No more clicking and dragging...just his special and BOOM. Also if you so happen to have a heal on you (YES THESE CANNONS HEAL THEMSELVES) all you do is hit your special attck key and you heal, you dont have to click on yourself. The only drawback to this is you CAN'T heal anyone else..:)

THANKS : Id like to thank all those who helped test this thing in the short amount of time we had to wrap it up. Special thanks to Khral for smackin me around once and awhile and always being there when I needed to test or just shoot the sh*t. Bnet will be down soon and it will be a sad day. I've met alot of cool people in this community and I hope to continue out relations. Its good to know Marius.net is around so we can still meet and play whenever we feel the need for some good bloodshed. If you dont have an account on Marius.net...please by all means get one so this doesnt have to end when THEY decide :) Hope to see ya on :)

COPYRIGHT: 1998 in whole or part Take Two Interactive: Created with Bungies Fear and Loathing by: o z o n e. WW2 unit plug-in copyright Craig Goodman (aka Santas Head #CP#Z).

by - o z o n e

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