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-Javei (Beta 1)
by: t o x y n (e-mail: easy@tribalstylemusic.net)
-Release Date: 5-23-07


Beta 1 Notes:
-Two solo meshes in this plugin. One is titled 'Invictus' the other is 'Veritas'
-I intend to add 2-team and possibly FFA meshes to the plugin. The next release will have multiplayer meshes included.
-Occasional bug during Veritas intro sequence where not all of the heron's attack the iron trow after fighting the bonemen. Iron trow kills them anyway, not a big deal if it does happen.
-I haven't spell checked or proofread the story below.
-Future fixes, additions and other notes will be added with every new release.


Backstory to the map (this is not final)....

During The Great War, several peasants and refugees from other overrun lands fled south along the Wild River. They were seeking a place for a new beginning, where they would be out of the reach of Balor and his armies, and safe from any future dangers. They reached the end of the Wild River only to be met by a sea and lands that could be easily discovered by enemy forces walking the path along the river. One man, however, strayed from the massive group of refugees and followed a small stream that broke off from the Wild River and into what looked like a hidden valley at the bottom of the Cloudspine. He regrouped with the other refugees later that day and told them of his possible discovery. They discussed their options and agreed that on the following day, a few men would explore the area that was spotted by the lone peasant.

The next morning, the scout group assembled and began their march north along the Wild River to find the stream the man had described. Fighting the hot weather and fierce hunger on their way, determination never felt so present among them. When they did find the stream, no stop-for-rest was taken. They ran quickly along the stream hoping to find a land untouched by battle, where they could settle down and live in secret. The valley they would find would be just that. A lush grassy plain of an island, hidden by the Cloudspine mountains and within reasonable marching distance of Forest Heart, which was on the other side of the Wild River. Robert, one of the peasants in the scout group yelled out, "At last, we can start over and give our children a place to enjoy life without fear of the fallen lords!" They camped on the island for the night and began their march south, back to the main group encampment, the next morning.

The scout group arrived back at the refugee encampment the following evening. The people felt a renewed joy and sense of opportunity again upon hearing the news. They all immediately began to pack their things and head for the valley. Already they had envisioned building a new community to keep all to themselves.

For several years following that joyful day, the peasants who had once felt there was no hope, built a new and prosperous community. A farm, a small military fort, a church, some homes, and other buildings were eventually built on the land, eventually filling the island to its capacity. The constant supply of water and the farm allowed for life to continue as normal while the war raged on for more than a decade in the lands that surrounded them. They established a group to govern their community, and decided to dedicate the island to the man who found it: Javei (pronounced HA-VAY).

They continued to send messengers, and eventually food supplies, to various Legion garrisons positioned in the region. In exchange they would receive weapons, and information regarding what was going on with regards to the Great War. Javei would become a very important asset to the Legion's efforts. Alric even sent a small garrison to protect Javei towards the end of the Great War.

With the end of the Great War, the town of Javei would be recognized as a success on many levels by many people. The citizens there had learned a valuable lesson, and raised their children using the same determined mentality and hard work ethics that helped them survive and prevail as a community. Alric visited the town himself to thank the courageous people there in person, and vowed to never let the town be taken away from them. Peace reigned for many years to follow, and Javei only improved with time.

When Soulblighter began his campaign many years later, he still had no knowledge of Javei's existence. Even after pushing Alric north and Shiver capturing the cities in the west. The people of Javei knew of the war and how badly things had gotten. Alric was so far to the North, looking for the Deceiver and soon looking to recapture Muirthemne, that Javei citizens felt they had no way to help the Legion as their founders did during the Great War. Assembled for a meeting with city leaders, many Javeians volunteered themselves to run to Forest Heart in order to seek out the possibility of Legion presence. They decided that it was their only choice, and that more than one party would be needed in order to investigate the situation in the neighboring lands.

---Background for Invictus Mesh: Soulblighter's scouts have discovered the town of Javei. A shade in command of a large group camped on the border of Forest Heart has given orders to destroy the town and leave no survivors. Alric, looking to fulfill his promise the citizens of Javei, expedites a garrison south to defend the town.

---Story for Veritas: Javei has been captured by dark forces, and Soulblighter has come to see the town with his own eyes. Soulblighter plans to use the town, and forces a few peasants into slavery to make weapons and do other tasks. Alric, not giving up on the city he made a promise to, expedites a garrison to retake Javei and push Soulblighter and his forces out for good.


3P Unit Credits:

¥Bungie/Badlands - badlandsgames.com \\ bungie.net
Creators of the Changeling, Bonemen and Forest Giant units used in this plugin.

Creator of the 'Bones of Feros' solo project. This map uses the Guard Tower scenery item made by TDC for his Feros project.

¥Iron Duke
Creator of the Myrmidon unit used in this plugin.

Ported the Iron Trow used in this plugin from Myth III to Myth II.

Creators of a peasant unit used in this plugin. Unit was originally featured in their 'The Seventh God' project.


Thanks to:

Vinylrake for his site (mything.org), the info stored at your site has been a major help! Everyone at ProjectMagma (projectmagma.net) and the nice folks who browse the Magma forums and answered my questions. The Myth Addicts' website (mythaddict.atvcowboy.com) where you will find all of the 3P units featured in this plugin available for download. Everyone who helped test this map out, especially Frumius and Elfinstone.


Javei was made with: Bungie's Fear & Loathing, Vista Cartel's Jade and Adobe Photoshop CS.

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