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These are the first bunch of coop maps that I have created.There has been some changes to them.I released maps that haven't been released like Mudpit and Creep. I also made an extra Carnage map and Grave map as well.

The fixes:
1.All coop maps now end. (the worst problem)
2.Maps now have names on them so you know which one is which.
3.I fixed some problems on the sparial error thing.If you still see it., its not a big deal and it should go away in 10 secs.

The maps:
1.VR Pool Party

Do I use these maps in the Multi player maps area or the Single Player?
Single Player
I don't see the coop maps?Is something wrong?
No, nothing is wrong, just click on Single Player Maps and hold down the space bar.You should then see them.
I see games like Bacon and BC but when I play they don't work?
In Coop maps, the games don't work.
Why are my units up in the air like in Grave and Mudpit at the beginning of the game?
I just put some magic into them.Once you move them they are back on the ground. :)
Huh? Why it saying spartial error?
Sometimes this happens in some coop maps I made.It should go away in 10 secs.

Made by
BadThrall fumble@mailcity.com

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