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Read Me for WWII: der Metzgerie.

Alrighty, all you have to do is put it in plugins folder, no titans needed.


Pig Elim:

Each team has up to 5 pigs (legend: 5, hero: 4, norm: 3, etc.) There are 6 starts.


Snipers, Sedators, Cannons, Pigs, and Soldiers. All game types are available, 2 starts.


Snipers - 1 shot kills, takes a little longer to reload than solds. They are faster, and turn around more quickly.

Sedators - Shoot one shot that paralyzes struken unit for roughly 5 secs.

Cannons - Shoots 2 mortars, special is a machine gun, unhealable.

Soldiers - Just the same.

Pigs - Just wait and see, dont press "t" in ranked games until you know what it does.

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