; Mythgraveyard

Over 30 maps
36 adaptive games - on all game types
14 elimination games - 14 to 16 players
09 multi patrol games - even ctf
04 random elim games - no adaptoid units
02 super scout games - 2 player team elim
03 carnage games - all out war
04 S2 games - even a ww2 recon version
2 solo or coop games
1 Training Map
over 70 Playable ranked games

20 Regular AvX Units
03 Super Adaptoid Units
04 AvX 99super units
08 Zoo Patrol Animals
08 AvA Regular Units
02 Cannons
02 Tanks
01 Helecopter
40 Playable AvX Units

9 Special Gun items
99 special items for 99 games only
RPG or Med Pack item on most avx maps

Hold up to 2 items.

Drop item= shift i
(do not drop RPG=sui)

change item= ctrl i
(pick up more than 2 objects and 1 is wasted)

ambient unit(deer, hawk, peasant, ect)
shoot them by targeting while holding shift & window
key on pc or shift & option key on mac.

AvX Related Game Bugs- Tank frames pass through things or allow
things to seemingly pass through them once dead. (ect. a soldier)

There is a delay when you initiate stab right after you shoot rifle.
Same delay as reloading gun for another round. This happens in AvA
as well and in WW2 to a lesser extent. But you can stab or use extended
special and shoot right after.

The loud rifle used by Heavy Demo, Zook and Super Adaptoid is not a
close range rifle and will miss most of the time at close range.

Napalm and Zook Units cannot stab like other units. Napalm explodes
killing his attacker usually or hits his napalm nade frying his attacker
while he is more resistant to fire and Zook uses his special puma rocket
to stab costing him 50% mana.

WW2 & AVA unit tag sets can be used with AvX for coops making the regular
myth units into ww2 or ava units. Same with 3rd party involvement in ranked games.

Special thanks to MuadDib Bastard, Lemons, BMFC and the Xooloo Ronins.

Maps Extra Thanks for you work to .....

Zeph (ava unit tags, inspiration)
Ozone (Trenches, Specialists, Models, Units and Choppers)
Santa's Head (Recon, Models, Units, Tanks?)
Battlenipple (Bastards, Acidbath)
Remedial (Blitzkrieg)
Electrofryer (Sandlot)
McQueen 55th (Combat)
Black Sam (Island Pirates)
Mind Fad (Party on the Oasis)
Leadfeather (Defilement of Borogova)
Omac (Tamaelrin, Acts of Piety, Inland, Flood, Crypt, Chiller)
Setik (Getting me started, Badlands former member)
Badlands (Wolfcreek and everything else you see in Myth in general)

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