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Zerk Cheer Tag (version 2)

Right, so berserks are silent when you make 'em cheer. But as you may or may not know, they DO have a cheering sound in artsound.gor, but for some reason, this sound isn't heard anywhere in Myth. This little plug-in remedies this mistake (?).

Have fun with it! :-)


Eh, you know what to do. Drop it into your /tags/local/256/ folder.

/tags/local/256/ ? I thought that went out of style with 1.3?

This is not a .gor file, so it doesn't belong in plugins/, wherever it may be. But you knew that already.

Won't this make me go OOS?

Not as far as I know, but I've been known to be wrong before. I'm pretty sure it won't, though—I see no reason why it should. :-)

What's changed since version 1?

Well, Tino pointed out a better-sounding berserk cheer sound ("bece" instead of "bsta" if you must know.) He says, "All the sounds in bsta are way too loud."


Zerk Cheer Tag 2 sounds a lot better. I will never update this again, so don't even ask!!


Thanks to Bo Lindbergh for his excellent editor, The Fallen Sounds.

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