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"If you want inside her well, boy you better make her raspberry swirl"
-- Tori Amos
(XM) - "...And Laughing was the wine" - (XM)
Text File Revised on: 2/23/99
Copyright In Whole or In Part Bungie Software Products (c) 1998 made
with Fear and Loathing by Xenon Maps (XM) c93ss@hotmail.com
Title? : A Spoonful of Sugar
Version : Funky Final
Author : Xenon Maps (XM)
Author's Tools : Bungie's Fear & Loathing
Author's E-mail : c93ss@hotmail.com
Homepage : http://members.xoom.com/goldencheese
Copyright Holder : Bungie Software Products (Bungie)
Homepage : http://www.bungie.com
Plugin?/Map? : 1 Multiplayer Map
For Myth 1or2? : Myth 2 : Soulblighter
Mesh/Maps/etc? : The map is a modified version of Bungie's,
"Ambushed At Night" single player M2 map.
Obviously with all new units. :)
Unit Trading? : Yes
# of Starts : 4
Special Features : Units are as follows:
"*" = Hax0red unit
Firechild* - Nothing can escape his lust for fire.
Dummy* - Movable target dummies which help shield
your dudes during battle.
MaryPoppins* - The feminine Jman with a cleaver fetish.
He still loves to heal. :)
PeeWee* - Lil' Dorfs who toss Bre bones n' lob bottles.
Brigand* - Even brigands like a good pillowfight.
Feathers fly!
Baron* - Sure wouldn't be sweet without a stabbing,
ham throwing baron.
Giant* - Giant Giant he's our man.. if he can't do
it.. no one can!
Archer - I'm too sexy for my bow, too sexy for
my bow...
Thrall - Even thralls.... work it baby.
Comments : Obviously, this only took me a few minutes to create.
Nothing really special about this.. I just wanted
to see moving targets used as units.. the mere thought
turns me on to no end! Do me straw woman! DO ME!!!!
Disclaimer : It is my understanding that maps created with Bungie's
"Fear and Loathing" Editing tools, can be freely
distrubuted. I believe in the Myth 2 manual, it clearly
states that you can NOT charge for maps made with their
editors. As such, I am offering this and other maps made
by (XM) for free. You are NOT to charge for this or other
maps created by XM, nor are you to add them to any comp-
ilation CD that results in sale[s].

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