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This do be Xzzy's first attempt at a publicly offered Myth II map. 
Xzzy believes there's some errors (mostly design related), but he
blames most of it on the fact he's new, and promises to do better
next time. :)

It's finally final. This means the only way you'll see another
version is if something turns up broke.

I started work on "a" mesh sometime in mid February, and it turned
into what you've just downloaded by late June. A lot of that time
was spent figuring out the details of mapmaking.. both artistically
and mechanically. Let's hope all that time means I learned

The light mesh is an exploration of trying to limit the overpoweringness
(is that a word?) of artillery, like we see in most existing
netplay maps. Archers are very few. Dwarves are pretty rare, too.

See, MythII seems to have a much more "flash bang" feel to it than TFL
did. This is a widely lamented fact, especially amongst some of Myth's
more senior players. Though it wasn't an original intent, over time,
the mesh has become an attempt to bring some of the 'TFL' into MythII.

I really hope I've accomplished some of that.

The mesh itself is also an attempt at assymetry at it's most annoying.
Games like flag rally and captures present some unevenness in play
that was fully intentional; not all flags are equidistant from other
flags. This is intended, whether people like it, or not. :) Player
starts are neither all equal.. though special caution was taken to
assure all starts are equal in a KOTH game.

Subsequent copies of this game, and/or updates, may be found under
the URL:


Xzzy takes full credit for any groans of dismay you may encounter
while playing 'Hunting' on either mesh.

ClumPhix5 has been built into this plugin. All credits and rights to it
belong to Sliver, and they are included here without any modification by

Meshes offered:

The World's Worst Map - Light
The World's Darkest Map - Dark
The World's Worst Slugfest - All for you, man!

Games offered:

All of them. Yep. Every last one (except on slugfest).

Units used:

All stock Soulblighter units, except for the Myrmidions on the dark
mesh. These were taken from a plugin available on:


The port from Myth:TFL to Myth:SB was done by Malory.


Photoshop was used for the texturemap, and darned near everything
else, too.
Fear & Loathing, Bungie's tools, were used to make the mesh and
handle some minor unit tweaks.
Jade was used to make the overhead map and both pregame images.
Topaz was used to cruelly dissect existing plugins so I could see
how they were built.. a great learning resource.
Fonts used in the pregame images were 'Impact,' and 'Times.'


Sun Jun 13, 1999 (Initial Beta Release):

o Deer uncontrollable on light stampede.
*FIXED* (changed class from 'Ambient' to 'Harmless')
o Selectable deep on light stampede, but yellow box doesn't appear.
*FIXED* (needed to edit the 'object' tag)
o No KOTH flag visible.
*FIXED* (was trying to share LMOTH flag as a KOTH one. Don't work)
o Invisible balls on BoP
*FIXED* (Set object 'invisible' in Loathing)
o Invisible balls on Scavenger
*FIXED* (Same as BoP)
o Deer would dissapear from overhead when outside a certain distance.
*FIXED* (Need to set the visibility entry in Fear so unit can
"see itself")
o Folks could see off the edge of the map.
*FIXED* (Made mesh bigger, as well as edited mesh parameters)
o Netgame balls MAY get stuck where no one can contest them. Untested.


Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.

Colormap copyright to Seth Graham, aka "Xzzy," aka the guy typing this.

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