; Mythgraveyard

Legal Stuff: Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie 
Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear
and Loathing by: Jesse F. Conard,
aka He Who Eats Dung. dungeater@soulblighter.com

To use these units, extract this .zip file into your local folder.
Then check to make sure the files inside look like this:

Myth II
several other folders, such as collection references

If they don't look like that, you may need to dig around in the local
folder until you find the stuff and put it in the right order.

Then just open up loathing and stick in the units.

Now the description:

The World's Worst Units were created for Deathwhore and Sibrax's
Myth II humor contest. These units are crap. They are hax0red
garbage. However, they may have some small entertainment value.

Dummy of Death:

These are scarecrows that can move around. They have no attack
whatsoever, but they are virtually indestructible. When they die,
they use Shiver's death dream that obliterates lots of stuff.

Pumpkin King:

A neon-clad poacher that shoots giant, exploding pumpkins. Silly, no?


A six-foot tall chicken, approximately trow-strength. Only problem is
that when they attack, they only kill themselves, if anything.

Itsy Bitsy Spider:

A tiny, flea-sized spider. Hard to see and extremely fast, they
can kill a trow with three confusion-inducing bites.

Atomic Squirrel:

True dementia. A large, mutant squirrel that scampers happily toward
the enemy, convulses a bit, and explodes, sending out a lethal
shockwave that goes across an entire screen, sets the ground on
fire at the epicenter, and will probably crash slower systems.

And the greatest worst Myth unit of all time:

The Dwarf Tosser:

It's big, it's black, and it throws dwarves. The dwarves cheer
enthusiastically as they fly through the air, and explode mightily,
setting off all of their satchels and of course, setting the ground

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