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Why The River v1.12 Final README

Created by Talisman of the Fellowship of Stoneheim.
If you care to relate problems with this map send email to: bpembert@amphi.com.

Why The River supports the following Netgame types:
Body Count
Flag Rally
Capture The Flag
King of the Hill
Steal the Bacon

I have made the following suggested changes in 1.12b3c2 (Final Release).

The TILT mesh was removed.
The Rain particle system was added to the dark mesh.
The water now indicates its depth by the color hue.
Sheep from Vista were added in the light version of Stampede!
and Running Villager unit was added as the Stampede! unit for Dark.
At the request of m0bitz more ambient sounds were added on all meshes.
At the suggestion of Khaavren a third CTF flag was added (owned by Team -1) to make CTF more interesting on the Team mesh.
Provision were made to ensure the 3rd flag was equidistant from both teams - you're welcome m0bitz.
The starting point orientation for the Team mesh is now SW & NE instead of W & NE.
Small mesh glitches were fixed where models didn't set right.
Thanks to EQ for this one: On the Dark mesh the SW team now allows unit trading for the Stygian Knights - oops.

This map now has only three variations: Light (using grave unit counts and types), Dark
and Team (uses same unit count as Tilt w/ only 2 starts)

Here are the Assassin units:
Team: Archer Hero
Light: Warlock
Dark: Trow

The Light and Dark variants have a 2nd decoy when played on Legendary.
The game offers a center Stampede! Start and fun Terries with about 12 terries maps.

Thanks to all the fellows and others who helped test the last beta (1.12b2c4).
Thanks to Gothmog and ripp for input on unit mix.
Thanks also to Trout on more photoshop tips. Thanks go to my son Jacob,
for helping me test the map.

Portions of this map are copyright 1999 Brad Pemberton.
Portions of this map are copyright 1998-1999 Bungie corp.
Portions of the map are copyright 1998 Vista Map Cartel.

Version History

Made 4 meshes with Tilt, Light, Dark and Team (2 starts).
The mesh was retouched to get rid of texture borders.
Special thanks to ripp on how to fix a nasty stampede bug I've had since
pre 1.0 (hehe - ouch). Thanks to fisj on tips for lowering the meshes.

1.1 See http://www.amphi.com/~bpembert/myth2 for exact details on 1.1.
1 Mesh with 6 start points. Units were reduced by half from 1.0
The mesh was completely redone with new grass colors and more color variation in general for the Color Map.
The river was considerably widened and made more smooth.

1 Mesh with 6 start points

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