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Shadows Readme

Welcome to the Updated Version of Alric's Dream! This version contains the following:

1) Fixed versions of level 1 & 2
2) A secret mesh
3) Myrmidons
4) A new Heron Guard Hero
5) More of the storyline of "Alric's Dream"

Here are some problems to note, as this is still a Beta version:

1) Every level crashes, for no apparent reason. I am still looking through all the script and trying to find out why. If you think you can help, feel free to dissassemble this plugin and look through what I've done. UPDATE: Shadows hasn't crashed on my in 2 weeks. I think it is working, but e-mail (with a movie preferrably) if you encounter one.

2) Level 3 is supposed to be a bit longer, but I'm still working on it.

3) Level 3 and possibly level 2 are not complete.
Playtesting Level 1:

Making C-Maps and Meshes:

Nine Skull Crocodile:
-rabid_wombat (Hey, that's me!)

-IronDuke (renaissance)

Created using fear and loathing, plus the myth II: Soulblighter engine, all created by bungie. Thanx for such a great game! This map is the intellectual but not legal property of rabid_wombat.

Remember to read the storyline!

As for level 2, well, I had GREAT ideas for this level. However, there was no way to make it really work correct, and fit the storyline. Therefore, it's more like those preview movies you saw in the original game. Except you get to play it and CAN lose. Well, there's not that much chance of that. Unless you are legendary. Also, there are 2 secret Trow on this level. You don't need them, but it's the only chance you get to play with them (other than getting the secret level, which, by the way, you can't get by killing 30 people with Alric anymore.)

All in all, enjoy! And save often in case it crashes.

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