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WetLands v2.0

This is the second and final release of WetLands.

The original WetLands was my first attempt at map making. This release is that with some bug fixes and the addition of a two-team variant.

For those of you who have never played WetLands, it is a small map set in a wetlands type environment. The idea behind it was to have enuff room for basic manuevering, but confined enuff to prompt rapid engagement. Both the 2-team and the 4-team maps offer a wide variety of units to allow you to find the strategy that fits your style of gameplay.

A little note:
In this map, rather than having slow moving wights, you have at your disposal either 1 or 3 (4team or 2team) exploding deer. The damage is about the same as for a wight, but the speed of movement is significantly faster. This allows for some really fun sneak attacks, especially because there are regular deer as ambiant life on the map for them to hide amongst.

Bug fixes from version 1.0:
Ghols in southeast no longer stuck
Replaced dwarves with dwarven mortars (regular dwarves were useless in the rain)
Replaced archers with archer heroes (same as above plus they offset the trow nicely)
Removed hawks from the hunting game
Moved all Terries flags so none would be 'captured' at the start of the game

WetLands is Copyright in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: PrplPplEater #@L#, plataypus@bungie.net

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