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Ok I was playing around with fear and I came up with this neat little werewolf idea. No its not some guy with a special is to change forms like into a wolf or nothing (I don t think that s possible with fear or mb I just haven t found out a way yet) ok so there are 3 sets of werewolves.

The normal werewolf  looks like a regular myrkridia and moves like one and all. Its sounds like a wolf when hit and when dead it is a dead wolf. Its attack is the double arm punch that wasn t used on with the myrkridia in myth 2. Because well, it hurts really bad. It can kill an archer in one hit and can cut a worriers life in half with one hit. Now his special is kinda weird. He does a one arm attack and about at dorf range. It blows up like alrics special but only hits them once. The dmg is = to about 2 arrows and its unhealable I think and it paralyzes. This attack only uses half his mana and it comes back rather quickly. Now it only targets one unit so the nearby ones are unaffected. Still it can keep that dorf off you while you attack. These guys replace the zerk and small myrkridia and costs 6 pts. They aren t as tuff as you think. As for alric his special should work now.

The werewolf master  ok these guys are mean. They look like big myrkridia and move like one except they turn more quicker. There normal attack is normal dmg but unhealable and can cause confusion. There special is just like a normal big myrkridia except the dmg from it is different. For each skull the dmg is = to about a half of a arrow hit and it paralyzes and sets the ground on fire. If they hit water they go out and if it is raining some go out in the middle of the air. If your guys are just sitting there on fire it won t take long for them to turn into crispy critters. These guys cost 24 pts now because in one float game I found out max masters Vs max small werewolves the small ones win. They are hero dorfs locks and big myrkridia.

The werewolf warlord  I guess the master wasn t enough for people so these guys are like the hero version of the werewolves. They hit like a trow kick and blow up like wights when they die. Unfortunately they cost 48 pts, when they get healed they die, the melee is just normal dmg unlike the masters confusion and unhealable, and when a wight goes off near your guys its not good. It hasn t been tested but I think a master can kill a warlock on a one on one. Cause well when I was playing redemption the trow would get confused from a hit and the masters would beat them without taking any dmg. Still these guys are really brutal and can rip into guys faster than the trow since they kick slower. When in multiplayer be careful of herons they can heal it to nothing but puss. Their mana also comes back faster than a masters. The only unit these guys replace are myrk giants. Btw the special is the same as a master.

Now I have included more than just a werewolves 1.3! There is other fun stuff and that that I made like stuff that makes you dwarfs masters or warlords (intended for co-op) and there is another where it is like 1.3 but masters don t replace the lock. Locks are hard hitting and can t get hurt by fire. So instead of masters replacing locks they replace motor dorfs which are almost on any map a lock is on. Makes for a fun Venice.

You want to get 4-6 people to play some cool games although that is hard to find and you might just one on one on trow which isn t all too bad. The coolest maps to play these on are raid and float. In co op I think the wall is the best cause you get 2 masters and some small ones to help hehe :) fun. Redemption is hard but still fun just use the one where you get locks and those motors will be masters :) more fun. And one more thing these guys heal all the way up to max except warlords. And when using the masters or the warlords special, you can t set fire to already burnt ground!

HOLD ON TIGHT HERE COMES THE COPYRIGHT!!! Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with bungie's Fear and Loathing by [Dan, therabidone@hotmail.com]

Ps I don t think the plug ins are working right on raid. There zerks locks and a myrk giant which should be all off them but I don t think the locks are turning into masters like they should. Bah o well its still fun.

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