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WellingtonÕs Dwarves

A plugin designed for use with Myth II
First and final Release 7/29/00

Thanks for downloading! In the plugin file that came with this readme you will find thirty new dwarves (well, to be fair some of them are just updates on old units). To use the new dwarves, unpack the plugin with Tag Extractor (available at the Vista site) and then place them in your own maps using Loathing. If you want to see what IÕve done with some of them, you will Soonª be able to download my latest map, ÒThe 17th Stoneheim IrregularsÓ which employs ten of them and takes full advantage of their new attacks and abilities. If you enjoy these dwarves and want to see what else IÕve done (and donÕt mind a long download) you can find my solo campaign ÒThe Year of Burning StoneÓ on the Mill if you look hard enough. ItÕs full of new Jmen and some truly fun and inventive maps with elaborate scripting and excellent game play.

I am releasing this pack because in the process of creating my new map I created all of these dwarves so that I could pick out the best ten to actually use, and it seemed a shame to let the rest of them go to waste. They all work as intended and are complete with new attacks, string lists, collection references and the lot--though see the note below about using them in multiplayer games.

This readme will cover all thirty new dwarves at length and also contains certain notes toward using them that you really should read before proceding. If you just want to ignore it and play with them, though, feel free.

I: Legal Stuff and Notes

Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter, and bungie.net are trademarks and Bungie is a registered trademark of Bungie Software Products Corporation. Copyright in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear.

For varietyÕs sake I have made use of the TFL dwarf collection and tags in a number of places. These tags are also copyright in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. They were ported to Myth II by Rand AlÕThor, as used in the ÒDwarven StrikersÓ download. I wish to extend my thanks to Rand AlÕThor for the hard work involved and to acknowledge where I got these tags from.

Notes on use in Multiplayer Games:

Multiplayer is my weak spot, I have to admit it. I prefer solo levels and my Myth creations arenÕt set up for use on Bungie.net. If you want to use these dwarves in a multiplayer game you will need to be aware of a couple of things. One of the dwarves just plain wonÕt work without scripting: the new Dwarf Pathfinder will throw bottles, drop satchel charges, even employ his melee attack but if you want him to become invisible youÕll need to add a Unit Control map action stating specifically that he should be MAGICALLY Invisible. The way this unit was intended to be used involves even more scripting, which will be spelled out plainly in my upcoming level (basically, whenever he taunts he becomes invisible for two minutes, after which he becomes visible again, and has to wait thirty seconds before he can become invisible again). Another unit, the dwarven corpse, wonÕt do you much good unless you edit its marker to Òdetonates immediatelyÓ in Loathing.

I have not bothered to adjust the unit cost of any of these dwarves, so theyÕll largely be interchangeable in unit trading unless you change the values yourself in Fear. Make up any values you want, but keep in mind that some of the dwarves here are far more powerful than others and should be rated accordingly. Specifically the Dwarven Captain, the Dwarven Rocket Launcher and the Dwarven Vampire should be set to about the same value as a Dwarven Mortar Hero (or even higher), while the Dwarven Ribaldkin, Dwarven Kung Fu and the Dwarven Nuke should all be set pretty low since they tend to get themselves killed almost straight away.

Notes on use in General:

One thing IÕve found while working with these dwarves is that if you put more than a handful on any given level youÕll quickly use up all the available projectile/object/local projectile group definitions and your map will crash. Use a couple on a given map and you should be fine but more than ten should probably be avoided. The Dwarven Scout, Dwarven Weatherman, and Dwarven Culverin are notorious array hogs.

Oh, and please feel free to change the flavor tags. Most of them are meant to be humorous (meant being the operative term) and may not fit into your mapÕs atmosphere.

Now, on with the Dwarves!

II. Dwarf Descriptions

Notes: IÕm listing them here by their Unit tag names, which sometimes differ from the Monster tag names and almost always differ from their spelling string lists. The Unit names are the ones which show up in the unit pallette in Loathing.

The ÒSilliness FactorÓ is meant to reflect how HaxOred the unit is, in my opinion, on a scale from one to ten. Your silliness mileage may vary.

Dwarf (Ghost)

Class: Missile
Silliness: 2 (Having ghosts run around on random maps seems a little silly)
Can he kill a thrall? Yes.

This is just my version of the classic ghost from Myth II. The color has been changed so he doesnÕt show up as bright blue on daylight maps and his attack has been adjusted so it looks more... ghostly.

Dwarf Boomerang

Class: Missile
Silliness: 1 (for the flavors--otherwise heÕs dead serious. Yeah.)
Can he kill a thrall? Eventually.

Throws a homing projectile that does some serious damage--think of it as a powerful arrow that follows the target around. Throws pretty fast, too. If youÕre a Simpsons fan you might recognize the flavors (and I hope I got them right--I havenÕt seen that episode in a while).

Dwarf Bouncing Betty

Class: Missile
Silliness: 8 (try it out and see)
Can he kill a thrall? If he gets very lucky.

Okay, this one is pretty worthless but itÕs fun to play with. He throws a rubberized satchel charge that bounces toward the enemy and catches on fire after seven seconds. It bounces pretty wildly so youÕre as likely to kill a friend as an enemy--it might be safer to target the ground in front of a foe than to attack directly.

Dwarf Bowler

Class: Missile
Silliness: 6 (but worth it, really...)
Can he kill a thrall? Yes, I do believe he can.

Rolls a high-explosive ninepins ball at the enemy. Any bumps in the terrain can set it off but on flat ground it will just keep rolling for well on forever or until it hits something (attack the ground to hit a target that seems out of range). Be warned: on some terrain itÕll go off in his hand. It canÕt hurt him, but anyone nearby will be in trouble. There is one bug to this one that I canÕt seem to fix: the ball will roll right across the surface of any media it comes across. Maybe it has a hollow core or something.

Dwarf Captain

Class: Missile/Melee
Silliness: 1 (except for the flavors...)
Can he kill a thrall? Are you kidding? He was born to kill thrall!

This is one serious badass. Essentially heÕs a mortar hero who also has a melee attack (he hits people with his mortar). He wears a white tunic, just like Garrick, and is one of the most versatile dwarves in this pack.

Dwarf Corpse

Class: Harmless
Silliness: 1-10 (depending on how heÕs used)
Can he kill a thrall? That would be a no, Chuck.

The only reason this one exists is if you want a dwarf body lying around that isnÕt in a million pieces. HeÕs essentially scenery. YouÕll have to set him to ÒDetonates ImmediatelyÓ in Loathing, though, or youÕll have a rather pointless dwarf roaming around the landscape looking at the sights. He has no attacks. Pretty useless, IÕm afraid. You try coming up with thirty new dwarves and make them all winners!

Dwarf Demo Man

Class: Missile/Melee/Special
Silliness: 3 (this kind of technology is a little beyond Myth dwarves)
Can he kill a thrall? If heÕs used properly he can kill all of them.

IÕm rather proud of this one. I was originally going to call this guy a Frawd because he reverses the normal attacks of a dwarf--he throws satchel charges as his primary attack and sets them off as his special ability. HeÕs evolved a little since then, however. His satchel charges are limited only by mana, and for a little extra mana he can fire a detonation signal at any satchel charges in his line of sight (not just his own) with considerable range. The signal is not instantaneous, however, and wonÕt always work (and if he canÕt get a good line of sight on the charge heÕll march right up to it, so keep an eye on him). This guy exists for setting up ambushes and if you take your time with him heÕll come in extremely handy. One favorite tactic of mine is to use him in conjunction with the Dwarven Culverin (see below). The Culverin can launch satchel charges at unsuspecting monsters and then the demo man can blow them up from a distance... itÕs the perfect one-two punch. In a pitched battle heÕll throw satchel charges all over the place, endangering his friends, but as a last resort he does carry a knife to defend himself, like the bowmen, but you donÕt need to double click on the target.

Note: you must use the doctored satchel charge tags that come with this plugin or the remote detonation will not work. Also, you might try using it on other scenery items/projectiles--IÕve worked out most of the kinks but occasionally you can get some pretty silly results.

Dwarf Firebrand

Class: Missile
Silliness: 1 (third degree burns are NOT funny)
Can he kill a thrall? Hmm.... my final answer would be... oh, yeah.

His main attack is a sort of flamethrower-type deal... check it out. Very powerful at short ranges, though sometimes it takes a couple of shots to kill a thrall standing right next to him (donÕt ask me--I played with it for days). His special ability is a firebomb that wonÕt hurt him but kills anyone standing nearby and sets the ground on fire. Nasty.

Dwarf Force Field

Class: Special
Silliness: 6 (itÕs just not very realistic...)
Can he kill a thrall? No. No way. He can slow them down, though.

This is a very special weapon that has to be used just so... basically he drops a Repulsion Satchel which creates a large impenetrable force field. Projectiles will bounce right off the field... soulless spears, mortar shells, you name it. Melee units trying to get inside the field will be stopped dead in their tracks... No one is immune except the owner himself. This dwarf is purely defensive, but he can be very useful all the same.

Note: the dwarf can turn the field off at any time by picking up the satchel. Though the effect will kind of linger, the field stops working immediately. Also, if he doesnÕt pick it up (heÕs dead, or whatever) it will eventually wear out and disappear (it can take about ten minutes) so if your guys are stuck in it and the owner is dead you can come back and collect them later.

Dwarf Frogman

Class: Missile
Silliness: 3 (10 on a map with no media)
Can he kill a thrall? If itÕs standing in water, sure.

A dwarf with an aqualung so he can move through any depth of water. His main attack is a special magnesium/sodium bomb which explodes on contact with water. Unfortunately it wonÕt go off on land unless itÕs blown up by another explosive. His special attack is a satchel charge that floats.

Dwarf Kung Fu

Class: Melee
Silliness: 7 (I mean... cÕmon...)
Can he kill a thrall? Yeah, two or three of them, even.

A dwarven martial artist who punches and kicks his way through the opposition... well, until he gets hit one too many times. His special attack is a drunken chicken combination (which is a really cool kung fu move, not something youÕd get at a Chinese restaurant) that does a significant amount of damage. For a while, at least, this guy can hit as hard as Soulblighter. Unfortunately he doesnÕt have SBÕs ability to soak up damage.

Dwarf Lightning Seed

Class: Missile
Silliness: 4 (silly even for magic)
Can he kill a thrall? Yes. Yes, he can.

Shoots a projectile that does quite a bit of lightning damage when it lands. He carries three of them, and he can pick them back up and reuse them later. ThereÕs a chance each time they go off that theyÕll evaporate, however, so use them sparingly.

Dwarf Medic

Class: Special
Silliness: 4 (for its delivery method)
Can he kill a thrall? Yes, but not a brigand.

Throws a bottle that heals with an area effect when it detonates. He can, actually, heal himself if heÕs quick and runs to the target point before it lands. You can attack undead units this way but to heal friends youÕll need to click on the ground nearby.

Dwarf Mortar (Ghost)

Class: Missile
Silliness: 2 (see Dwarf (Ghost) above)
Can he kill a thrall? Sure.

Just a ghost version of the regular mortar. The contrail is blue--it just looked cool.

Dwarf Nuke

Class: Melee
Silliness: 10 (I did this one as a joke)
Can he kill a thrall? Oh, baby, yeah.

A glowing green dwarf with a death touch. Any questions?

Dwarf Petard

Class: Special
Silliness: 1 (this oneÕs pretty basic)
Can he kill a thrall? Ask again in twelve seconds.

Drops a very large time bomb. YouÕve got twelve seconds to get away before it goes off. And believe me, you want to be a long way away.

Dwarf Quaker

Class: Missile
Silliness: 3 (Shiver could carry it off, but this guy...)
Can he kill a thrall? Yes, though unpredictably.

Basically a weaker version of ShiverÕs ripple spell with slightly different graphics.

Dwarf Ribaldkin

Class: Special
Silliness: 7 (mostly for what heÕll do to his teammates)
Can he kill a thrall? If he really wants to.

Despite the exotic name this guy just throws a bunch of rocks in the air and hits everybody around him. Pretty dumb, really, but useful if youÕre stuck in the middle of a small army of thrall.

Dwarf Rocketeer

Class: Missile
Silliness: 6 (this technology doesnÕt even work in the real world)
Can he kill a thrall? From a distance.

Essentially just a Dwarven Arquebus with a jetpack, this guy can fly all over the place and generally wreak a lot of havoc. If youÕre going to use him properly youÕll need to set his marker height in Loathing: I reccomend setting it to two and a half higher than the terrain heÕs on.

Note: the unit is designed not to fly over rocky terrain, for a reason. For some reason when he flies over models he gains altitude. Cool, at first, but quickly heÕs flying so high you canÕt zoom out far enough to see him. I recommend that you paint all around your models with rocky terrain (if you want to use rocky terrain for some other reason, just change the terrain parameters in the monster tag).

Dwarf Scout

Class: Special
Silliness: 2 (because I say so, thatÕs why)
Can he kill a thrall? No. HeÕll slaughter Myrkridia, though.

The name is misleading--this unit went through a lot of changes. Now he drops a bucket full of chemicals that, when mixed, give off toxic fumes. You have six seconds to get away after you drop it.

Dwarf Spitfire

Class: Special
Silliness: 8 (it really doesnÕt make a lot of sense)
Can he kill a thrall? If theyÕre close enough.

Basically a reflexive warlock fireball. Know what I mean?

Dwarf Toymaker

Class: Missile
Silliness: 4 (itÕs like something out of Batman. TV Batman)
Can he kill a thrall? Yes.

Has an unlimited supply of toy soldiers that attack with tiny, waving swords. The toy soldier is guided so ItÕll follow the target around until itÕs dead, then itÕll just keep walking for a while until it falls over, its spring wound down or whatever. Somewhat unpredictable, but powerful.

Dwarf Vampire

Class: Melee
Silliness: 9 (slightly less than the Dwarf Nuke)
Can he kill a thrall? HeÕs an immortal servant of the night. In other words, yes.

A floating dwarf that turns into a giant bat and sucks his victims dry. Very silly, but fun all the same. He canÕt cross water of any kind.

Dwarf Weatherman

Class: Missile
Silliness: 6 (rated 6 for weather magic)
Can he kill a thrall? Who canÕt?

Shoots a blast of super-cooled air that freezes victims to death. Kind of unpredictable--if it misses the intended target itÕll just keep going until it hits somebody else or the side of a cliff.

Dwarven Arquebus

Class: Missile
Silliness: 1 (this actually makes sense)
Can he kill a thrall? Before the thrall knows whatÕs going on.

The next step in Dwarven technology--small arms with rifled barrels. This one acts pretty much like a sniper rifle, and can be used at both extreme and point blank range (though again, for some reason, if a thrall is inside axe range it usually misses--go figure).

Dwarven Culverin

Class: Missile
Silliness: 1 (a good one)
Can he kill a thrall? Several at a time, actually.

IÕm very proud of this one. It works like a combat shotgun, launching several dozen small projectiles at a time that spread out and can take out a whole line of enemies with one shot. It is somewhat random, however, so you occasionally miss who you were aiming at and get everybody else. Range is also an issue: the closer to the target, the more damage heÕll do. He also has a special ability: he can pick up small objects and launch them wherever he wants, with very good range (and okay accuracy). This includes, but is hardly limited to, dwarf heads. More usefully, he can put satchel charges wherever you want--which the demo man can set off.

Dwarven Repeater

Class: Missile
Silliness: 2 (a little too advanced...)
Can he kill a thrall? Very frequently.

Not quite a machine gun, but close. Think a wheellock pistol with a five-bullet clip.

Dwarven Rocket Launcher

Class: Missile
Silliness: 4 (okay, the rocketÕs just an arrow with a contrail)
Can he kill a thrall? Need you ask?

Fires an incredibly powerful rocket at fantastic range. Moves far too fast to be dodged. The only problem? He can only fire every fifteen seconds.

Dwarven Steam Cannon

Class: Missile
Silliness: 5 (super-heated steam? To kill thrall?)
Can he kill a thrall? Mmm, toasty...

In his pack, this dwarf carries a small boiler which feeds, yes, super-heated steam to his weapon. It cools rapidly in the air, however, so the closer to the target he is the more damage heÕll do. You sacrifice range for power.


Class: Missile
Silliness: 7 (like something thatÕs very, very silly)
Can he kill a thrall? At this point I refuse to even answer.

Ah, good old number thirty. The electrodwarf. I rejected this one for my level. Why? Just too damned powerful. His lightning bolt isnÕt that strong but itÕll spread like wildfire and against a pack of Gh™ls itÕs devestating. Against one opponent, the bolt will just linger until the target dies. Just watch out you donÕt hit your own guys.

Well, there we go. Enjoy

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