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Welcome 2 the Jungle, Fire Fight and PCH


Release one: Multiplayer plugs.
Use-(TagSet)cp Charlie' don's Surf by Wod and crestfallen REDUX Editon reworked by point

These maps were made early last year to test limits of myth engine for upcoming warfare tagset. welcome to the jungle and firefight saw some action at e3 last year and then got put on the shelf to gather dust. In any case I finally made a little free time and fixed a few bugs and hopefuly you will all find these maps entertaining.
Many adjustments for these maps were included in the cp the end tagset though reworking the maps would of required time I didnt have. so wether this works with the end or not is for you to find out. All testing was done using CP2 r tagset a reworked version of cp. In order to get a great variety of units on the maps a whole lot of adjustments had to be made to the cp tagset most were cleaning up collections and combining small collections to free up slots to prevent crashes. Thus the creation of CPRedux this recessitated version of cp I hope all will find fun.. read the ingame hints for more info..

to have a pleasant gaming experience take all other plugs out except for tagset and maps
quit other programs and give myth as much memory as you can. email me any myth logs if you crash thanks... a.point@eudoramail.com

For those of you who havnt seen it yet the charlies point tagset offers some great gameplay and some fast action. the setting is Vietnam and the Unit diversity and ballance create tactical struggles that usually come down to the last minute and last unit. Digging trenchlines to secure your base, keeping the amo loaded on your heavy weapons or hiding your sniper to snipe away in any given game strategy will rule.

Map by. Lane-PoinT—‹Turrett ARMY Ālpha Company›—turret.texzone.net

Sit. Rap. - Its been 5 days since you arrived in vietnam so far its been one lecture after another your anxious to get into the action. You have been assigned to M2 Ālpha company an army support company for the 1st Battalion 1st Marine Regiment. The duty assignment is simple help keep those marines out of trouble. During the afternoon briefing Captain Helvey asks for volunteers To scout behind enemy lines near Thon La Chu. Rather than sit around and fight off mosquitos you eagerly sign up for the mission. As you step off the chopper the company Sgt. Pats you on the back and laughs welcome to the jungle .

Multiplayer maps: Welcome to the Jungle and Fire Fight

Primary Objectives: Reconaisance patrol.
Secondary Objective: Clear any suspected enemy strong points.
Tertirery Objective: Eliminate all enemy resistance.
Notes: caution is the key, traps are a must, a well planned ambush can tip the ballance of victory.

Skill Level and Map types varry Unit trading will provide you with many force options
(typical units distributed) Games.
1. Timid - units - patrol-- Soldiers,Scouts,Spec ops,Snipers,Shot guns
2. Simple - units - skirmish--Soldiers,Scouts,Spec ops,Snipers,Shot guns,Medics,MG's
3. Normal - units - battle-Soldiers,Scouts,Spec ops,Snipers,Shot guns,Medics,MG's,HvyMG's-Airstrikes
4. Heroic- units - war--Soldiers,Scouts,Spec ops,Snipers,Shot guns,Medics,MG's,HvyMG's,Chopper
5. Legendary- units- carnage--Soldiers,Scouts,Spec ops,Snipers,Shot guns,Medics,MG's,HvyMG's,Choppers

-Welcome to the Jungle s2
Nathaniel Victor s4 (alliance map)
where's the jungle S2 (agentorange)
Jungle Fever
Jungle Luv
King of the Jungle

- PCH 2002 Porkchop hill revisted converted from my titans version.
PCH -dog tags and bodie bags
PCH- Desperation Ridge

-Fire fight s2 -VC vs US
Fire Fight s2 redux - features airstrikes and m2
Fire base s2 -out post defense
Fire base s2 d -features airstrikes huey choppers
Fire mission s4 2vc vs 2 us
Fire light s8 4 vc vs 4 us choppers vs rpgs snipers
Fire base coop*

* The firefight coop end game condition doesnt work and the script is rather unreliable in any case i left it in just incase some one wants to take it apart and fix it. to access it hold shif down while selecting new game. then rehost in multiplayer and it should be available under single player coop options.

Charlie's Point Units:
Light: 20 varieties
1-marines-m16(Warrior)-16-blk =special-grenade, taunt-cover
2-m60s-(archers)- 17-blk =special-amo pick it up to load
3-shotgunners-(dwarf)=specaial-dig control clk on ground next to unit
4-m79s-(dwarf mortor )-fires m79 round
5-m14 scout-(Heron guard)=special-grenade
6-marine sniper -(archer hero)-kill shotss
7-Mark19-(dwarf hero)=special-amo pick it up to load
9-Special ops-=special-set explosive trap
10-M60 flak jacket=special-amo pick it up to load
11-M60 flak sniper=special-amo pick it up to load
12-M2 gunner team=special-amo pick it up to load
13-marine radio man- (journeyman) =directs airstrike 18-Single player
14-huey-(trow) 19-single player
15-ARMY ranger-=special-grenade, - dig,-taunt-cover 20-single player
16- Howitzter - main fire- click mid arch T-fire close direct
Dark: 21 varieties
1-VC ak47(thrall)=special-grenade, taunt-cover 17-singleplayer
2-VC rpk-(stygian)=special-amo pick it up to load 18-single Player
3-vc Shot gun- Ghol)=specaial-dig control clk on ground next to unit T-trap
4-VC rpg-(Fetch) -rocket launcher
5-vc sks- (mauls)=special-grenade
6-vc sniper- mahir net) -kill shot
7-vc DKM gunner-=special-amo pick it up to load 19-single player
8-vc Medic =special-heal
9-Vc gohst assasin=special-set explosive trap
10-vc-suiciders- (wight)=special-suicide 20-single player
11- vc hero- (mryk small)=special-grenade, taunt-cover
12-RPD gunner-=special-amo pick it up to load
13-NVA artillery man= diercts vc artilery fire
14-Sapper-=special-suicide , Dig
15-peasant- stops bullets
16.sniper roof vc- (21house souless)

Good luck have fun and enjoy.

WarStories By. LANE-PoinT{ARMY}....1/2001 a.point@eudoramail.com
some scenery from titans from santas head aka craig goodman
palm tree from mara jade one altered by ozone,
myth 2 and other plugs
by extracting the plug you can get a comprehensive list.
Images typically from National Photo archive.

Thanks also to ...all that helped beta test ARMY members MR, Package Peps
and many more.

Look for the warfare axis vs allies and modern warfare tagsets to be coming when time permits. (warfare is a total overhall of myth over 100 new collections scenery and units new maps and a new fun...What we need is a talented scriptor for the 34 map single campaign if you could handle it email me at a_point@eudoramail.com)

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created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing.

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