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This is a short version of the readme for Wierdobodomons. There is a full online manual which can be found at  which includes strategies and hints for blowing up the most things with WM, and descriptions of each unit and what it does.

The basics of WM: WM alters all the commonly used Myth 2 units when the plugin is enabled. Many units have special attacks, which will be documented in the online manual.

Soon to be released will be a specifically altered set of BungieÕs single player levels for use with WM. The original levels will, of course work, but with the WM Level Pack, computer monsters will be able to use their special attacks and do some of the fancy things that a player can do. It will also contain some altered multiplayer meshes which are made more to WMÕs specific unit abilities (not much, but it can be signifigant).

Other upcoming projects include RealMyth, which has more realistic properties than normal Myth, and CBN (Crow's Bridge Net) which is a conversion of the single player levels to work on multiplayer light-vs-dark style!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the final version ov WM v1.x. We hope that everything is in working order (as it should be after all the testing weÕve done throughout development), but there will be no further development on this version. Currently in development is WM v2.0, made from the ground up with different units and much more fear knowledge than when we started version 1. :)


Original idea: Bo'Alor.

All of MiR, for ideas, making and testing WM. That is, Bo'Alor, Goft, lank, Skarg and Merc.

Bungie, for making Myth: TFL and Myth 2 SB.

All those people who contribute to the Vista Map Editing Forum (now ) for whatever help they contributed by way of miscellaneous knowledge, outright help or attempted help. :)


Copyright 1998 Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear by: Bo'Alor (rpbk@optushome.com.au), Goft (gfatso@hotmail.com), lank (lank69@geocities.com).

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