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wm 1.2 fixes/updates

1. flameless archers are now fork archers. their arrows split in two from 0 to 2 seconds after being fired.

2. dwarven suicide launchers now shoot dwarves who only emit a maximum of four satchel charges, and the dwarf leaves a stain on the ground when blowing up.

3. updated a number of projectiles so that they will work better with autocamera turned on in film replays or for an eliminated player in netgames.

4. bowman knives do more damage when thrown.

5. trow throw objects at at a less random range of velocities.

6. trow are ever so slightly larger.

7. suidorfs are slightly improved...

8. breÕunor are less likely to do damage to themselves, and basically throw better.

9. those pesky explosive krid acorns have been replaced... they now only do actual damage when they make a direct hit on a unit, but have an area of effect holding damage that lasts for 10-15 (or so) seconds. the acorns are also now guided, and will fly about in a very interesting manner to try and reach their targets. much more fun! :)

wm v1.1 changes:

1. dorf hero has only 2 detpacks instead of 5.

2. dorf mortar hero has that in his spelling stli.

3. dorf pathfinder has only 4 throwing detpacks instead of a crazy 8.

4. mahir now doesn't turn into a pumpkin when taunting or flowers when cheering. :)

5. warriors flich when picking up ammo. (better than standing still for 5 seconds waiting...)

6. dorf arty grenades will now work in water, and are classed as small projectiles, meaning that spiders can pick them up.

7. bre'unor mana recharged 10 times too quickly. this is now fixed.

8. flaming arrows now promote into normal arrows when they go out. it just looks screwy when these big white things trailing fire and smoke just disappear in mid air when its rainy or snowy.

9. flaming idiot (peasant) bodies no longer flame. this is because when an archer picks them up they simply continue to flame in the spot where they were. this looks stupid. itÕs possible to do it another way, using contrails and such (look at maul repulsion field), but that would take up an unnecessary projectile slot, and itÕs just not necessary.

10. deer, when used by bowmen, would explode into wight pieces as well as deer pieces when they detonated. now they donÕt. (see what happens when you just copy a tag and rename it...? :)

11. hawks no longer blow up really big when they die a hard death. itÕs really annoying on the wabe maps to have an explosion inadvertantly blow up a hawk who blows up like a wight and blows up everything else on the middle hill.

12. soulless are now worth 8 points each in multiplayer trading. the simple reason behind this is that a single hit with one can wipe out many many many points more than its value. it still can, but it makes it more of a trade off coz krids are worth the same and can be used to perhaps better effect.

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