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Weirdobodomons (version 1.6)

The Basics

Weirdobodomons (WM, for short) is a unit tagset that alters the behaviour of Myth 2: Soulblighter's normal unit set in zany and hopefully fun and amusing ways, leading to DRASTICALLY different gameplay and tactics.

The History

WM was begun by Bo'Alor of Midnight Resistance (MiR) in the days of Myth: TFL when the only tools available were simple entities like MONS Edit and PROJ Edit. These were used to create the first Weird Mons plugin for TFL, which soon became Weirdomons.

When Myth 2 became available with Fear and Loathing, Bo began working on Weirdobodomons, bringing forward some of the classics such as Warrior Bombs, Berserk Clerics, Dwarven Divers, Ghol Artillery Specialists, Mighty Midgets (Trow) and Thrall Joggers from the TFL version and creating new and interesting variations such as Chicken Archers and Stygian Lightning Conductors.

Soon Goft and lank were creating more units and all of MiR - Bo'Alor, Goft, Skarg and lank - were testing it in the weekly meetings, with many tweaks being made to eliminate bugs and made the plugin more fun. Eventually WM was deemed ready for release and after a couple of hasty updates it has remained the same for many years.

Eventually, however, Myth 2 itself received its updates by Project Magma, which sadly broke one or two features, but gladly fixed other bugs that plagued some units (particularly the Spider Speeders) and introduced vTFL, with The Fallen Levels conversion of the TFL solo campaign and Magma's TFL Map Pack containing TFL's multiplayer levels and a handful of classic third party maps.

The Fallen Levels and the TFL Map Pack both used ported versions of units that appeared only in TFL, particularly the Myrmidons and Forest Giants, which had no analogue in M2 and thus no presence in WM. Version 1.6 of WM introduces weird versions of such TFL units so that it may be used in The Fallen Levels and the TFL Map Pack with zaniness all around.

The Units - in sort-of-more-or-less-most-of-the-time-reverse-alphabetical order

Mobile Mega-Nuke (replaces Wight)
Wight time fifty. Be you afraid to see this monstrosity approaching; death will wait near by.

Warrior-Bomb (replaces Warrior)
In most respects a normal Warrior. He fights just as well as normal but has a little less health. In addition, he explodes with the power of a normal Myth 2 Wight when he is killed. There is no manual way to explode him.

Weird Warlock (replaces Warlock)
Shoots a slow-moving but long-ranged fireball that behaves slightly differently depending on the range at which it detonates. It culminates in a fireball trailing satchel charges that explodes with great force in a cloud of paralysing gas and expels many artillery signal flares. The Weird Warlock also has a green thumb. When threatened at close range his special ability is to summon a tree that will crush his enemies. There is a chance, however, that no tree will appear, and sometimes there may be two instead of one.

Weird Warlock Hero (replaces Warlock Hero)
Has the same basic attacks as the Weird Warlock, but recharges mana more efficiently and can summon trees as his special attack at reduced mana cost and can target where the trees may appear.

Toxic Villager (replaces TFL villager)
He is still a harmless, pathetic lump of cannon fodder, but be careful not to attack him with your melee or they might find him unpleasantly odorous.

Mighty Midget (replaces Trow)
Let his diminutive size not fool you, for he is every bit as dangerous as his larger cousin. In addition, he has the TRO HUG as his crushing special attack.

Thrall Jogger (replaces Thrall)
Weaker than the average thrall (for the same reason that jogging increases your own health when you jog everywhere and a Journeyman's healing brings your life up, so does jogging everywhere make a Thrall weaker), but much faster. His axe may bite a little deeper, too.

Shade (replaces Shade)
Perhaps he has spent too much time on communes, but his magic is now such that instead of causing explosions he now stones his enemies instead.

Spider Speeder (replaces Spider)
A victim of too many caffeinated, guarana-extract energy drinks? Perhaps: these little blighters can cross the Plains in under five seconds. These spiders have also lost their bites, though they can play fetch with small objects.

Inter-Continental Ballistic Soulless (replaces Soulless)
The clock has ticked closer to midnight. A single ICBS can launch itself halfway across the Desert to explode in a sudden blast and take out almost anything that's too close. Like the RPG in WWII plugins or the Trebuchet of OoH, you must target the ICBS by control-clicking roughly half the distance you want your ICBS to land. Since the ICBS is such a long-range weapon in its primary function, the ICBS is equipped with an electric cattle-prod that shocks enemies at close range. Also, being classed as suicide units, they may cause other units to turn tail and run away from them at times.

Flaming Idiot (replaces Peasant)
Taking things perhaps a bit too literally, the peasants have gone from being flaming idiots to Flaming Idiots. No longer wholly defenceless, the FI can concentrate very hard and set a single target on fire.

Myrmidon Coward (replaces TFL Myrmidon)
These may have become the most annoying unit in the game - you be the judge. The Myrmidon Coward bitch-slaps an opponent, but, overcome by fear, runs away, cries out and then runs in to give another slap. The cycle continues. En masse.

Myrkridia (replaces Myrkridia)
Otherwise normal Myrkridia, these variants can throw squirrels that carry aloft with them magical guided heads that often bounce on the ground, holding any units nearby when they burst. A direct hit from one of these heads does much damage, though this is relatively rare.

Mahir Pickle Barrel o' Death (replaces Mahir)
Who ever knew that vegetables could kill? Ghostly pickle barrels will slide across the ground to explode beside you in a deadly blast of soggy green shards.

Cleric (replaces Journeyman)
Given holy instructions, the Clerics are allowed to do no harm to living things; they can only heal as their primary attack and as their secondary.

Heron Guard Assassin (replaces Heron Guard)
Able to hide in the carnage of the battlefield and invisible on the overhead map, the Assassins can traverse any terrain (even deep water) and throw poisonous gas grenades that paralyse. Their ammunition is dud dwarf grenades.

Heron Guard Assassin Hero (replaces Heron Guard Hero)
Like his lesser counterpart, the Hero throws gas grenades and can wander almost anywhere on a map, but he is tougher, attacks faster and carries more grenades by default.

Ginsu Ghl Artillery Specialist (replaces Ghol)
The Ghls once raided a Dwarven warehouse and tool all the artillery signal flares they could find. The only problem was that they didn't know what to do with them, so they simply carry the flares with them wherever they go. In all other respects they are like regular Ghls except for their martial arts training that teaches them how to strike harder blows.

Ghast Goop-Guy (replaces Ghast)
Slow and weak (just like normal) the Goop-Guys throw pus packets with high velocity and low accuracy (not like normal).

Forest Giant Ghost (replaces TFL Forest Giant)
Contrailing a ghostly... contrail, the Forest Giant Ghosts can not be targeted while moving, but are otherwise normal.

Feminist (replaces Fetch)
Sexual bigotry has swung to the other side of the circle. Feminists shoot an extremely powerful lightning blast that takes them two minutes to recover and shoot another one. MOST powerful against massed enemies!

Dwarven Diver (replaces Dwarf)
Equipped with newly developed SCUBA gear, the Divers can swim through any depth of water with ease. Technology has not kept up, however, and the Dwarves must be in dry air to throw their grenades. They also carry a single powerful detpack that explodes with the force of a Mobile Mega-Nuke blast after exactly one minute on the ground if not detonated by some other explosion in the mean time.

Dwarven Shot-Put Champion (replaces Dwarven Pathfinder)
This guy can heave cannonballs as big as his head and send them hurtling pretty far. He also carries a small knife for self defence and several detpacks that he can send sailing way up into the air before exploding when they hit the ground.

Heroically Drunk Dwarven Diver (replaces Dwarf Hero)
Dwarven Ale is good for two things: exploding violently and getting drunk. There's no need to mention what the fumes will do to you. His motto is "one for you, one for me" and it shows when he starts racking up kills. He carries five detpacks, but is so intoxicated that he will fumble when he tries to set the timer when he puts it on the ground. And by "fumble", I mean "critical fumble", that's no joke.

Arrow Splitter (replaces TFL fir'Bolg)
A little lower in health than normal fir'Bolg, the Arrow Splitters fire arrows that throw off slivers mid-flight, producing a large cloud of low-damage fragments.

Arrow Splitter Hero (replaces TFL fir'Bolg Hero)
A faster-shooting, healthier Arrow Splitter.

Brigand Aerobics Instructor (replaces Brigand)
His bark is worse than his bite. The Aerobics Instructors are about as annoying as their RealLife counterparts, and have about as much energy.

bre'Unor Boomeranger (replaces bre'Unor)
As a reflexive special ability, Boomerangers will throw boomerangs in the directions they are facing when the special ability key is pressed. For close-range combat they retain their normal melee attack.

Fork Archer (replaces flameless Bowman)
Part way through his arrow's flight the arrow will split in twain and probably both new arrows will miss. How disappointing.

Chicken Archer (replaces Bowman)
What possible benefit could there be to replacing arrows with chickens? The Chicken Archer is capable of shooting one flaming chicken who will set fire to the landscape. Chicken archers can pick up the bodies of dead chickens to replenish this ammunition and they can also pick up the dead bodies of other animals in the game, each of which has a different effect.

Chicken Archer Hero (replaces Bowman Hero)
Like most hero types, this guy wears his underpants on the outside. Actually he doesn't, but he is tougher and shoots faster and with greater accuracy.

Chicken Archer Ghost (replaces Bowman Ghost)
You'll think you have x-ray vision when you see these Chicken Archers. They're not much different from your run of the mill Chicken Archers aside from that, though.

Berserk Cleric (replaces Berserk)
Berserks with self-healing abilities. That's all.

Berserk Cleric Hero (replaces Berserk Hero)
The Berserk Hero never appeared in Myth 2. Nevertheless, his tags were for some reason included in the game and we've modified them.

Baron Puppeteer (replaces Baron)
The Baron Puppeteer can produce copies of himself either standing or walking. They're not very sophisticated puppets, but they can be confusing.

Dwarven Commando Launcher (replaces Mortar Dwarf)
There was a shortage of mortars in the Dwarven stockpiles, so brave volunteers from the Dwarven Commando Legion now emerge from the barrels of the Mortars, trailing their satchel charges (lit on fire by being launched) and occasionally running a few metres after hitting the ground to drop a cannonball and explode.

Stygian Lightning Conductor (replaces Stygian Knight)
Immune to both arrows and lightning, the Conductors are empty shells animated by dark sorceries. They call down lightning that slowly fries their enemies and are still sensitive to explosions.

Maul Tenderiser (replaces Maul)
Big, dumb and strong, the Maul Tenderisers have trouble making their blows connect with anything less than giant-class creatures. But when they do connect, the target really, REALLY feels it. Mauls are so ugly that when they pull a particular face they can repel objects and create a protective force field for half a minute or so around the place they stood when they made it. This is so difficult that they can only do it a couple of times before they need to eat pumpkin bits (don't ask why) to do it any more.

Myrkridian Farmer (replaces Myrkridian Giant)
Annoyed that their crops kept getting destroyed, the Myrkridian Farmers developed an ingenious defence system for their plots: they lay large acorn-like objects that quickly bury themselves in the ground and then shock anything that comes nearby. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) they only carry enough charge for one shock each and must be laid continually to provide complete protection for their farms.

Ambient Life:
Hawks, deer, chickens, bats, pigs, squirrels and even wolves have abilities that Chicken Archers may utilise by collecting their dead bodies.
Hawks: similar to artillery signal flares. A cannonball will land where ever an archer shoots the dead body of a hawk.
Deer: dear me (pun fully intended). Bungie laid the foundations for this one in "A Long Awaited Drinking Party".
Chickens: ammunition for the flaming chickens of Chicken Archers, of course.
Bats: high explosive, if you can get it.
Pigs: harmful ham that sets the ground on fire if it hits its target before it breaks up mid-flight. After it breaks up, the pieces will do damage to whatever they hit.
Squirrels: have a death-curse that slowly weakens over time. Many units that enter the vicinity of a squirrel's corpse or defiled body parts will suffer flinching and be almost unable to move. A Chicken Archer may renew this curse by firing the dead body from his bow, to last for a while wherever the body lands.
Wolves: their dead bodies provide healing lightning bolts when fired by a Chicken Archer.

Cannonballs, like those fired in "Landing at White Falls" or found on the ground on "Limbs, Heads and Smoking Craters", produce a vacuum that damages and sucks in whatever is near them for several seconds after detonation.
Target Dummies also have lives of their own and may fight back, though there are issues with this on some maps that require the WM Meshes plugin to address correctly.

If you encounter anything that seems like a bug, please email me at the address below with a description of the bug and where/when it occurred, and if it is pertinent please attach a film of the game in which it happened as well.

Created using (originally) Bungie's Fear (now property of Take2 Interactive) by Bo'Alor, Goft and lank. Email dbrose@iinet.net.au.

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