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Now that all of that fun copyright stuff is typed, welcome to the Weird Read Me. This a a READ ME for the Myth II: Soulblighter plugin map, Weird. Ok. That sounded dumb. Lets get to the map.

I made this map after reading an article on bad mapmaking and haxOred maps. I made this map with as many bad or annoying things that I could get by with. This map has no such thing as balanced fighting. I've included some modified Poacher units to make this rule of unbalanced play even more true. The poachers fire a lot faster, the bullets catch the ground on fire, plus the neat feature of them shooting grenades ( NO NOT THE SANTA GRENADES). This map is in no way supposed to be a good map. In fact, I made it to be a bad map. This is for pure fun, or at least some unbalanced mayham. Not only do you get the poachers for your squad, you also get one of the following : The Deceiver, The Summoner, Shiver, a Shade, or a paid vacation to Disney World!

Ok there's no trip to Disney World but....do you really like that mouse anyway?

If you find any crippling bugs that make it impossible to play, forward some e-mail to me a
Euphman@bungie.net or go straight to me at NapoliBen@aol.com.

By the way, since the poacher unit is just a haxOred one, I've included the local for it just in case you get drunk enough to want to put them on your map :)

Well, my fingers hurt. Thanks for the download and keep your eyes open for a new TC:
Gedi Night: The Phantom Brewery
Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Don't tell!!

From his super ultra hidden secret lab in the Rocky Mountains hidden so well even he cant get in or out.....
-Qui-Gon Gandalf

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