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Watery Pass v1.0  by: Charizard

Hi all.

Watery Pass is a netmap for up to 2 teams. It was based on Landing at Whitefalls, but bears no similarity to the solo map other than some terrain. It supports: Body Count, Steal the Bacon, Last Man on the Hill, Capture the Flag, Assasin, Stampede and Hunting. It also allows unit trading.
It comes with 3 maps: Light, Dark and Total Carnage versions. Look for later versions on the Mill or at: zap.to/moosegaming

E-Mail all bug reports, questions, comments or anything else concerning this plugin or Myth II to: mantis_ant@hotmail.com

v1.1 should be out in a week and a half, mybe two. It will contain a 3rd team (maybe a 4th or 5th), an awesome and funny Steal the Bacon Ball, larger armies and hopefully more types of play.


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