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Warlords version 1.0
by Drunk Bob of Hexographica
August 20, 1999

**** This plugin is designed for use with Myth II: Soulblighter ****


I. Plugin Information
II. Installation and Activation
III. Map Information
A. The Story...
B. Units
C. Special Units
D. Map Features
IV. The Creators
V. Special Thanks
VI. Copyright Information


Title : Warlords v1.0
Filename : Warlordsv1.0.zip
Plugin Name : Warlords 1.0
Author : Drunk Bob (Brendan Rehon)
Email Address : bobert@hexographica.com
Website : http://www.hexographica.com/myth
Description : This map plugin allows for use of the
map Warlords with Myth II: Soulblighter.
It requires the Hexotagset v2.0 to operate.


Unzip the file 'Warlordsv1.0.zip' using either Winzip or Stuffit Expander. Next place the file 'Warlords 1.0' in the Myth2_SB\plugins\ directory. To activate the plugin, run the program 'Myth II.exe' and select 'Multiplayer' from the options screen. Then host a game via TCP/IP or on bungie.net. While on the host options screen, select 'Plugins...'. Select the plugin 'Hexotagset 2.0' and click the right arrow button to move it to the 'Active' list, then select 'OK'. Finish by selecting 'Warlords' and the remaining game options. You are now ready to play.


In the lands far to the east, a war is raging. The leaders of this war, the Warlords, lead their armies of destruction over the land, seeking to capture ruined strongholds to finally settle old prejudices and vendettas long since forgotten. Their armies battle by day and rebuild by night, constantly fighting for control over this desolate land.
These are strange battles, mythical beasts of yore clash against traditional armies of sword, pike, and lance. And in the distance, siege weapons slaughter man and beast by the hundreds with their crushing boulders.
And so they fight over what were once fields, ever seeking the day when they alone will stand victorious over the bodies of their enemies. One day, each Warlord dreams, a victor shall be proclaimed and peace shall finally reign. At least, for a little while.


Number of Teams : 4
Recommended # of Players: 2+ Players per Team
Tradable Units : Bowmen 12/18
Cavalry 5/10
Dragons 1/1
Dwarven Heroes 2/4
Griffins 1/2
Pikemen 16/24
Warriors 18/27
Bonus Units:
Timid - None
Simple - One Catapult
Normal - One Catapult, Two Ballistae
Heroic - One Catapult, Two Ballistae
Legendary - One Catapult (disappearing variant, see below), Two Ballistae

Notes about units:

I) Ballistae only appear on Flag Rally, Capture the Flag, Captures, and Territories.
II) On Legendary, the catapult disappears from view unless a friendly unit stays near it. Since it is realistic, but can be annoying to some, it is only offered on legendary, and it starts in your base not on the road like a normal catapult.



The Assassin unit for Warlords is a Warlord. The Warlord is based off Balor's sprites from TFL. The Warlord is a fiercesome fighter, easily able to defeat most melee one on one. The special ability of the Warlord is a defensive sphere. When summoned, it will deflect and destroy enemy projectiles including dwarf hero bottles, and satchels (with disasterous results if too close), and arrows...

However, certain effects can get past the sphere such as dragon fire.Also, the sphere only stays in one spot and only ends by the time the Warlord has the mana to summon a new one.


The Stampede unit for Warlords is a Explosive Pig Cavalry, based on the peasant pig rider sprite by Bungie. Think of them as mobile wights, in that they explode when killed or when 't' is pressed, like a wight. So, keep them in very, very loose formation. Also, it is always fun to sacrifice some of them to take care of enemy units blocking your way (including flying units!)


Warlords features completely new tree models as well as retextured wall and bridge models. Like Venice, some areas of the forts are destructable for your dwarf heroes. On Heroic and above difficulties, extra ammunition (satchels, firearrows) is located at the bases. Reinforcements also appear from a random side location at approximately five minutes remaining in the game. Also, due to the already huge amount of lagginess due to the sheer size, the fire is Santa Head's lagless fire originally designed for WW2 Titans.

And what reason could those cows be in there for...?


So, what Hexo dudes did what?

DrunkBob (Brendan Rehon): The principle designer of this map, making the color map, height map, passibility, made pregame, etc.
Chikatilo (Gavin Mahan): Created the new scenery on the map, and scripted the reinforcements.
Modest (Abraham Benrubi): Created retextured models on map.and frankly, I did a crap job on em!-modest!
Pimpy(tm) (Vic Mitkal): Figured out the basic unit setups, and wrote first Warlords readme.
ReAnimator (Craig Matchett): Helped to design map, and made those ambient cows.


A special thanks to all the multitudes of beta testers that have tested our incredibly lag and buggy plugins and maps: our homies and former members Lemur Lord and Badthrall, all the prime guys (Angus, Beerman, Siclops, Apple G3, Rem, Banshee, Wallace, and Ulric), Carbon, Periodic, Cataclysm, Tino, Attaboy Skip!, Conner, Mechjock, Zeronova, Hungry Ghol, Losk, all the Creation folks (especially Ares, Clem, Milk Man). Also thanks to the Vista guys (especially fisj and iggy popped), Manus Celer Dei, and Santa's Head for help and testing along the way. And a big thanks to everyone we missed here, and you know who you are.


This software is Copyright (c)1999, 2000, All Rights Reserved.
Hexographica. The members of Hexographica recognize the pre-existing rights and
responsibilities of Bungie Software Products Corporation ("Bungie").
All appropriate software and graphics Copyright (c)1996-2000, All Right
Bungie Software Products Corporation. Portions of the
software made with Bungie licensed tools or generally published documentation remain under the prior license agreements for the use
of those software products. Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter, Fear and Loathing Copyright (c)1996-2000. All Rights Reserved. Bungie Software Products Corporation.

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