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WAR IS HELL v1.1   (o z o n e)

this is the new version of hell is war


War is Hell(2)
Units: 120 soldiers, 5 tanks, 6 cannons, and 6 Choppers
Game Types: Koth(2), Lmoth(3), CTF(3 each), Bacon(3), Terries(9), Captures(12), BoP(3 each)
Game Play: Due to the # of units I had to have a safe haven for units so i made the Turret Defense Unit(TDU) This unit has a very powerful main weopon and takes out your enemy if he is within distance( even without you controlling them..this way you can keep units in base and have no worries that they may be under attack Also choppers heal at your base and can be healed by the normal medkit...blood shower anyone? ALSO: at the end of the game when all units are dead on your team except turrets use T and self destruct turrets so game can end...

Units: 1 chopper per team
Game Types: Koth(4), Lmoth(1), Terries(9)
Game Play: elimination with choppers...Duh

Units: 1 soldier unit per team
Game Types: Koth(1), Lmoth(3), Terries(11), Captures(8), Bacon(1)

Units: 3 soldier units per team
Game Types: Koth(1), Lmoth(3), Terries(11), Captures(8), Bacon(1)

Team Patrol(5) RECON STYLE plus mines and TNT :)
Units: timid 1, simple 2, normal 3, heroic 6, legendary 9
Game Types: Koth(1)

2 Team
Units: 24 soldiers + 2 cannons (trading on)
Game Types: Koth(1), Lmoth(3), CTF, Bacon, Terries, BoP, Captures, Stampede, Assassin
4 Team
Units: timid-4 men, simple- 8 men, normal-16 men, heroic-20 men 1 tank, legendary - 24 men 1 tank 1 chopper
Game Types: Koth, Lmoth, Bacon, Terries, Captures, BoP, Stampede




To play Co-Op: Replace the "game" file in your myth preference folder (located in your myth folder), with the one ive included in the War_is_Hell folder you just downloaded or play with someones host who has it on list and then the levels should will show up on your list.

Combat OPS Group

Operation Plan 01 (Mary Jane)
Time Zone Used Throughout the Plan (Order): Zulu
Task Organization:
a. The Indigo Drug Cartel, headed by Alanzo I. Moreno (aka The Baron) is stepping up drug production in Columbia. The Indigo Hacienda is a heavily fortified cluster of several houses and warehouses that are currently being used to grow, process, and distribute Loco Moco, a new highly addictive and very cheap narcotic made from fermented marijuana leaves and liquid cyanide. The drug cartel currently employs some 200 men with assorted small arms, as well as surplus WARSAW pact weapons to include T-51Ős, and the HIND helicopter. These mercenaries are highly motivated and lethal, but due to their exposure to Loco Moco can become extremely confused and disoriented.
b. b. Combat OPS Group has been summoned through Presidential Decision Directive 25 to proceed to Columbia and ELIMINATE any and all Indigo forces. All members of Combat OPS Group are to infiltrate via NSSN 1101 20 Km SE off the coast of Ecuador, and join up with the Peruvian National Defense Force (PNDF) to receive necessary equipment and arms.

a. This mission will be conducted in 3 phases, but will include a training session on Soviet helicopter tactics for the PNDF. Phase 1A will involve COG SRT Team1 to covertly find Alanzo I. Moreno (The Baron), and eliminate him before he can reach his Hacienda stronghold. Phase 1B will entail the rest of Combat OPS Group to follow SRT Team 1 and storm and secure the Hacienda. Phase 1C will be to defend the Hacienda from secondary echelon forces of the Indigo Cartel and await extraction.
b. Phase 2A will be the helicopter training exercise for the PNDF. This will be a live fire exercise and will possibly encounter elements of the Indigo Cartel. If contact of Indigo forces you are authorized to engage and eliminate all High Value TargetŐs (HVT), and all High Priority TargetŐs (HPT).

COPYRIGHT: Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Oz-1.
Soldier units copyright Craig Goodman aka. Santa's Head #CP#Ze

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