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Warhammer 40K:Heretic.mapset v1.2

A big bug that should be fixed from v1.0. Games kept crashing on b.net and dropping players. It seems PC's do not like the scripting for the death world creatures to attack. Therefore, in this version Death Creatures and their scripting have been removed :( .

This plugin requires the 40k-Heretic.units#1-1.0. Without it, the plugin file will not work. The plugin is correctly used by placing both the 40k-Heretic.mapset#1-1.0 plugin and the 40k-Heretic.units#1-1.0 plugin in to your plugin folder, hosting a game, and activating the 40k-Heretic.units#1-1.0 plugin, then playing any of the Heretic maps in the Heretic.mapset#1 plugin. Anyhow, I released this as a two part plug-in because I plan for more maps to be made to ad on. Check out www.contagiousgraphics.com/heretic/heretic.html for any new information.

Designed By:Wraeththu (Brad Ewing), wraeththu@earthlink.net
All original artwork and tags are ©Brad Ewing (except the WWII:Recon artwork and tags ©Craig Goodman), and may not be used without his explicit written permission.

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Productions Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing, plus other programs, notably Amber 2.

This game was inspired by Warhammer 40,000 by GamesWorkshop.
Warhammer & SpaceMarine and all illustrations that are non computer ©1999 GamesWorkshop
I am not contesting GamesWorkshop's rights to Warhammer 40K and its background. www.games-workshop.com

Special Thanks to Santa's Head for permission to use parts of his creation WWII:Recon
Specifically all the grenades and the Barrel used in steal the bacon, ball on parade and such.

A BIG thanks to VODI for making Amber2!

An INCREDIBLY, MASSIVE, HUGE, thanks to Cecelia (my fiancˇ) for putting up with me ignoring her and spending lots of time on the computer to make this thing.

Also thanks to all the play testers who helped work out the chaos bugs out of the game.


Play the game! All the maps on this plug-in are reworked versions of MythII maps. I plan on releasing totally new maps soon.
There are two versions of Judas Swamp. One is the regular Death World, where you need to watch out for Death World creatures and other surprises!
The other Judas Swamp is non-Death World, that is if you can't handle the pressure.
Then there is Black Bat Forest. Which introduces a total different strategy than JS because of the close quarters with scenery everywhere.

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