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(XM) - "Others Imitate, We Create!" - (XM)
Wack-A-Peasant Was Released On: March 16th, 1999
Copyright In Whole or In Part Bungie Software Products (c) 1998(99?) made
with Fear and Loathing by Xenon Maps (XM) c93ss@hotmail.com
Title? : Wack-A-Peasant
Version : v.0.01F (Final)
Author : Xenon Maps (XM)
Author's Tools : Bungie's Fear & Loathing
Author's E-mail : c93ss@hotmail.com
Homepage : http://members.xoom.com/goldencheese
Copyright Holder : Bungie Software Products (Bungie)
Homepage : http://www.bungie.com
Plugin?/Map? : 1 Multiplayer Map
For Myth 1or2? : Myth 2 : Soulblighter
Mesh/Maps/etc? : Bungie's M2 Training Map (modified)
Unit Trading? : No
# of Starts : 10
Special Features : You'll see. =)
Comments : If I had any more free time, I'd spend it watching my
toenails grow out into retracting miles of stubble. Okay, Wack A Peasant.
I'm currently doing a rather large (secret) (tee hee) project, and this
was done in my spare time, just so I don't get tired of my rather large
(haw haw you don't know what it is!) future release. I made the Hunting
part first, which was rather amusing.. then it branched off into the
other variations, stb, lmoth, etc. All in all it probably took an hour or
two to complete. Even though this was not a serious map-making project, I
made it with large games in mind, hence the 10 start positions. This is
something i'd like to see in Myth 2 - more large FFA games.

Remember Torp Ghol Riot? The dreaded Unity 2 Dorf Riot? Well.. we need
more of those games, fun games, with many FFA starts. So how bout it?
Get your asses in gear!

Yes, it's a FINAL version.. even though it hasn't been playtested much,
but being as it's not something that I want to devote further time to,
it's crowned mr. final version anyway. ;-) So, if there's bugs, tough.
I don't want to hear about 'em with this map, kay? Just laugh at me and
snicker with m&m's up your nose as you dance around quietly with a jelly
bean embedded within your naval.

I just want to give a great big pile of chocolate Thins to DrunkBob,
who, while in no way involved with XM, is loved by us. =) Keep
churnin' out those special maps that we all ad0re! :o)

I lub da musikkkkkkk... !! !

Disclaimer : It is my understanding that maps created with Bungie's
"Fear and Loathing" Editing tools, can be freely
distrubuted. I believe in the Myth 2 manual, it clearly
states that you can NOT charge for maps made with their
editors. As such, I am offering this and other maps made
by (XM) for free. You are NOT to charge for this or other
maps created by XM, nor are you to add them to any comp-
ilation CD that results in sale[s].

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