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WWII: Weathertop (c0-0p)

Directions on Use:

1) unzip the file (w/ stuffit, winzip, etc...)

2) Place plugin into the plugins folder of your myth

3) when you start Myth you will see the the main screen
hold shift & click on New Game, then select
Weathertop & start. After you play it the first
time then you can play it on the internet/Playmyth.

Once again I would like to thank Santa's Head for the WWII units.

Helpful Tips:

A) The "inner circle" of fence posts is a safe haven...
no enemy can enter it.

B) Remember where each attack is coming from so the
next time you play you will be able to set up & use the rpg
fields in a proper tactical manner...battlefield choreography
will help you once you get to know where the attacks are
coming from.

C) The Wights are fast, shoot them as soon as you see them
before they gang up on you & your men.

D) The Trow aren't as tough as they look, although the more
units you have against them, the better. Shooting at them
with many units kills them faster than anything.

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