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WWII Villers-Bocage v 1.1

This map requires the Titans unit plug-in.
Units & Art by Santa's Head Craig Goodman
Fog Tag by The Boys at BADLANDS
Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software products Corp.
Created with Bungie's Fear & Loathing


"The stench of the unburied dead and of the burnt out tanks mingled in the warm summer air with the buzz of greedy flies and the sounds of war. The faces of the tired grunts stared out across the open field to the hedgerow opposite. They had just gotten orders to capture it with out delay. Resigned they passed out the last of the ammo and grenades. They had an unwelcome date with Destiny".

We hope this map can convey something of the reality of the battles which took place in the Villers-Bocage (Normandy) area during WWII. After establishing their beach-heads the Allied forces sought to break out and destroy their enemy. But due to the nature of this area which consisted of numerous small fields enclosed by high hedgerow's, ditche's and wood's, they found themselves bogged down in brutal close combat with a determined enemy. The German Army made great use of the hedgerows to form a series of defensive positions. Here the tank was not king as the hedges restricted their mobility and firepower. It was left to the grunts of both sides to fight it out using grenades, flamethrowers and entrenching tools. Most battles consisted of small units fighting for the next hedge or ditch, seldom without loss.
We hope you enjoy playing and working out the best way to win at this map. If you find you have a moment or two...spare a thankfull thought for the poor sods who had to do this for real.

The hedgerow's are only impassable to tanks in T-2+ with small gaps for soldiers. All other maps are fully passable.

We would like to thank JoramARW and Towanda for helping play, and test this map....it was fun guys ..until we got tired of Towanda winning all the time..hehehehe.

All the guys at VISTA that gave their assistance with certain problems I had.

The Boys at Badlands for the use of the tag.

And of course Santa's Head .............you know!

Cya all on the battlefield. Thanks for taking the time to read this and downloading the map.

InnerDemon ARW map maker................dhuber@gardtal.com
Mk'r ARW concept designer........polmac20@gofree.indigo.ie

Please contact us if you have any problems or bug reports, or you just want to drop us a line.

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