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Utah Beach 1944 D-Day.

This map simulates the invasion at utah beach. Americans vrs Germans.
Timid = no tanks
Simple= 2 tanks
Normal= 3 tanks
Heroic= 4 tanks
Legendary = 5 tanks

*Only one tank on simple-Legendary is tradable.

This Map took 3 weeks to make. Map was created by me in photoshop.
Germans have the beach. Amercans have the water. Germans are fortified, and each basic german starts out with 5 nades. Bunker germans starts out with 10, and has a Hvy Sub-machine gun to waste yer men on the sand.

On Elim-Patrol , most of the ammo for americans is on beach, and most of the ammo for germans is in the rear.

Game is designed for allied team games.. so feel free to allie with yer brother marine, or comrad nazis.

Special thanx to Dank (ARMY) aka Bud, for helping me test this map.
And also a special thanx to all ARMY and others who helped test with us. To many names to list :(

Map was created with fear and loathing, of bungie software.

Thank you all,

Soldier (ARMY)

Thank you hawk for posting this at the TURRET.

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