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Urban Warfare ReadMe

This should be the final version of this map. The reason this map was created was to add some variety/choice to the World War II scenario created by Santa's Head #CP#. There are other maps in the works from Santa, so continue keeping your eyes on the Clan Plaid Townhall at townhall.clanplaid.net. I'm not spilling the beans here.

To install this map place this plugin named "urban warfare_v1.0" in your plugins folder found in your Myth II folder. Easy enough.

The maps:

There is one mesh, a conversion of the awesome map "Going to Town" from Bungie. Because this map was not being played by many people, I decided to give it some new life by adding World War II units. The variants are as follows:

12 player Elimination: Each player has one unit. This variant includes Assassin, Terries, KOTH, LMOTH, Captures, Bacon, and BC.

12 player Patrol: Each player has 3 units. The games are the same as in Elimination.

4 team: Each team starts with 16 soldiers and a field cannon (normal and above). Trading is available similar to WW2: Recon. Games include those above in Elimination and Patrol as well as Capture the flag and Balls on Parade.

2 team: Same as 4 team except for 2 teams.


Thanks to OMAG for helping me test this map, to Da'minion (OMAG) for his advice and help. Also a special thanks goes to Santa's Head #CP# for giving me permission to use his World War 2 tags. (If you would like to use his tags contact him. He created them and owns exclusive rights to them.) Thanks to Clan Plaid for beta testing this map, for their suggestions, help, and for the time they spent trying to break it four ways to Sunday. Thanks to Conner #CP# and Scruggler #CP# for putting up with me every evening for the last week and for allowing me to take up so much bandwidth on the CPHL.

The tags are Craig Gordon, 1999 (see copyright notice included in this folder). The map is Bungie, 1998.

This plugin was created using a PowerMac G3 and the awesome and powerful Bungie tools, Fear and Loathing. Start screens were created using Adobe's Photoshop. This map was adapted by me (Ailil). If you desire to modify or use the meshes or units which I adapted and are used herein please contact the respective parties mentioned in this readme for permission. Basically have fun with these meshes and give credit where credit is due.


my email: cwayne@gsbs3.gs.uth.tmc.edu

Do not e-mail me about strategy or changes you would like to see. If you find a bug that makes play impossible, I may consider updating the plugin. Otherwise play this map as is. Comments are welcome. Check out the OMAG Map Archive for other fun maps created by OMAG mapmakers.

Finally, just remember war and death are not "fun" things. Millions of Men, women, and children died between the years of 1932-1945 as a result of national aggression, ethnic bigotry, and imperialistic goals. Let us hope that this world will never again see such attrocities as those practiced in Eastern Asia, Western Europe, and Africa. Keep in mind that a game is nothing like the horrors of the real thing.

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