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Urban Warfare 2: Return to Ettelbruck 

Redesigned by Ailil and Da'Minion of OMAG for use with the WW2:Titans plugin created by Santa's Head #CP#.

Well here it is, Urban Warfare 2. We got enough e-mail and enough comments asking us if we would make UW Titan's compatable that we sat down and actually discussed the idea. Well this is the result, a smaller DL and a map that uses the Titan's units . So what do you get for the DL, well... you get 6 meshes (see below), an expanded town to make it tougher to manuever and a map that has enough variants to satisfy everyone. We were even able to knock 4 MB off the DL (and about 8 MB off the original map). You will be disappointed if you expect 2 things: (1) if you try to play this map without the Titan's unit plugin (--BE SURE TO ENABLE THE TITANS PLUGIN TO PLAY THIS MAP--), or (2) if you expect this map to be exactly like the WW2:Recon maps. Because of the way the Titan's plugin is built, each soldier has a specific action it may perform. If you have played any of the Titan's co-ops you learned this already. So each variant has specialized units and the only objects you will find littered about the map are medpacks.

OK, enough of that... this map is fun and adds a different dimension to Urban Warfare and to WW2:Titans. The mesh variants include the following:

1) Battle at Ettelbruck (2-team): A two team mesh with 8 different units and enough soldiers to duke it out all night. Trading is enabled. A basic 2 team map.

2) Mano-a-mano (2-team): A two team mesh with only 8 units per team (all 8 units are different) and no unit trading enabled. The idea behind this mesh was for 2 teams of eight to battle it out using their skills rather than shear numbers. Every player gets a unit and proves his/her own skills on the field of battle. Fewer people can play of course, but we found it most fun when everyone has their own responsibility.

3) Tanks a Million (12 team, elimination): 12 starts, 1 tank each. 'Nuff said... Well try hunting on this map... poor Bambi.

4) Recon Patrol (12 team): Harkens back to the original WW2:Recon and UW. The difference here is that your soldiers is all you get. There are no RPGs, no incendaries, no granades to pick up, though your soldiers do have unlimited grenades. You will survive only on your wits alone. You can grenade and shoot, but beyond that your success depends upon your skill. Each team has 3 basic soldiers.

5) Dawn Patrol (12 team): A variant of Recon Patrol. Instead of 3 soldiers, you get an HMG soldier, an RPG soldier, and a medic. Sure is nice that you don't have to pick up stuff.

6) Patrol at Ettelbruck (12 team): This variant adds a twist. You are given a choice of HMGs and Shotgun Meds in any combination of 3 soldiers... that means play this game with trading on. It's a balancing act with your skills (as well as your opponent's) to know which combination is best for you. For assassin, your target is an RPG soldier.

All meshes include the following games: Body Count, Last Man on the Hill, King of the Hill, Territorries, Steal the Bacon, Captures, Hunting and Assassin. The 2 team maps also include Capture the Flag.


Special Thanks go to the members of OMAG, Red Fountain (~WCC) and Yoncarzy (~MCC) for helping in the beta testing; to Santa's Head for creating the WW2:Titans plugin and maps; to Bungie for such an awesome game (no better way to just pass the time); and a very special thanks to Hazeus of OMAG for writing the story to go along with this map.

Check out the other maps created by the OMAG Cartographers at www. OMAGuinness.com.

Ailil (OMAG) and Da'Minion (OMAG) redesigned the original UW mesh for use with the Titan's Plugin ((c) 1999, Craig Goodman) created by Santa's Head #CP#. The original UW was a conversion of the Bungie made map Going to Town ((c) Bungie, 1998). Hazeus (OMAG) wrote the story. The conversions and artwork were created using all or some of the following application: Fear ((c) Bungie, 1998), Loathing ((c) Bungie, 1998), Photoshop ((c) Adobe, 1998), Jade ((c) Pythos, 1999), and Tag Extractor ((c) Vista map-making Cartel, 1999). All parts of this plugin exclusively belong to Bungie in whole or in part ((c) 1998). The concept and ideas belong to Ailil, Da'Minion, and OMAG ((c) 1999), a Myth order thirsty for variety and a cool frothy pint (or 2 or 3) of Guinness. The (c) symbol is a trademark of no one in particular and can be used freely and without having to give credit to anyone.

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