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WW2 Twisted Raid

Welcome to my first map of the Myth vs. WW2 series. This one is to provide you with the experience of using Myth and WW2 units together on a multiplayer map. I used the Raid map and combined WW2 and Myrk Giants for all you h00rs out there.

But, I also made the map rather difficult by adding scripted comp units. This makes the game faster paced and requires quick thinking and ensures that no one can easily win. Teams and alliances (or both!!) are recommended for all game types. I have added scripting to my previous map The Tain That Is Hell where the hunted units actually hunt you as well. This goes much further in that every game type has the comp vs. everybody. It's nowhere near as scripted as the famous Fetchball (look at their map actions and you'll see, whoa!), but it has enough so that you can even play it by yourself and still get your butt kicked!!

The breakdown is as follows:
KOTH, LMOTH, STB, and Stampede games have Big Myrks in the middle to keep it interesting. By the way, don't camp:).

BC, Scavies, FR, CTF, BOP, Terries, and Captures have Big Myrks scattered around the map but there are many claymore troops who will attack all of you.

Assassin has a Heron Guard as the target but within a certain time limit there are Big Myrks assigned to kill your Heron if he is still around so be quick about getting your opponents' Heron.

Hunting has Shotgun medic heroes and some Big Myrks as the targets. Ignore the BM's at first and get the Shotmeds cause they will tear you apart.

As far as all units go, only the ambient Big Myrks have been modified. The WW2 and regular Big Myrks are as they would be in normal games. Do not use the WW2 plugins when playing, it is not necessary.

WW2 units are the masterpieces created by Santa's Head.

Copyright 1997-2001 in whole or in part by Bungie Software Products. I used Fear and Loathing and Vista's MacJade for the pregame.

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