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2:06 PM 8/7/01
Apalogies to Clem of the Mill. I am sorry about the clash we had over my first submission
and I hope this time I have done it correctly. I am truley sorry fr the anger and frustration I
must have caused because of my "cant be wrong" attitude. I am also sorry for not having my
up to date e-mail on my mill account (that is changed). I am cought at a time of great trouble
and i had to lose the other e-mail because of money problems. thank you for putting up with
my newbiness.
Brandon Crain
Bat 21 -(Army)-
!!to anyone that might oppose clem in the future... dont, he is god.!!

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with
Bungie's Fear and Loathing.

WWII Scenery/units Copyright Craig Goodman
All models, ambient life, ambient sound, scenery other than Santas head copyright bungie 1998

I have asked permission to use these tags and units. These tags and units or any other
tags or units should not be used without written concent by the developer.
!Requires titans plugin!
World War Two: Tunisia.....
September 14, 1941 12:00pm behind enemy lines.

We must destroy a enemy tank in the area that could make our sneak attack against rommel
very sticky tomarrow, it must be taken out at all costs, if you go to the south west corner and
take the fort there you will recieve 3 cannons! very helpfull i might add. Good luck soldier, and
watch out for enemy patrols.
T2+: two starting positions with up two 50 soldiers or 5 tanks depending how you trade.
Lmoth: 4 flags spread around an oasis.
Koth: same as lmoth except one flag.
Bacon: same as koth except a can.
DA: ten teams, one tank and one soldier per team
Demolition: a group of titans units, flamer, grenadier, hevymg, medic and rpg soldier. 4 teams
and lots of explosives on the ground.
I would like to thank,
Alpha: for the blood fix (dont save the color map at 256 colors or else the blood will be blue)
All Army Members that have been good friends during the duration of my playing.
Santas head: without you none of this would be possible.
Bungie: Without YOU nothing would be possible!
The guys and girls mb at the Mill: Who reguraly review and post submissions so that nothing
is entered in the mill with negative comments or missing prerequisites.
To the men and women that served and died for their contry in both theatres of the great
World War II.
May we Never forget...

Color map Copyright Brandon Crain. feel free to check out my map actions.

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with
Bungie's Fear and Loathing.
2:20 PM 8/7/01

Ps. Check out the cortana document hidden inside your very own myth tfl cd. for more info
e-mail me IC9ofU@aol.com

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