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WW2 - To A Violent End
a conversion by Alpha & Clem of a map by Clem

(Requires WWII_Units_(c)CG_v1_0 )


The thinking on this maps development is very similar to the thinking for converting No Surrender. Having fun in a new surrounding. Violent End is a WW2 conversion of my M2 map Shattered Earth. Things have been in a bit of a lull lately with WW2 releases. Alpha and I have had this sitting on the shelf awaiting a good time to release it, and a lull seems like an appropriate time. Thus, here it is.

Let me first explain a couple things.

This was intended to be nothing more than a FUN map.

You WILL have to rethink some of your normal strategies.

This map has quite a few non passable areas that are deep ravines. Also note that Tanks exist on a few of the meshes, but intentionally cannot get to the center of the map. This can tend to change things strategically. :)

** As with No Surrender I am not intending this map to be a "made for WW2" work of perfection. It is intended to be a fun and challenging diversion for the WW2 community much like No Surrender was. Please don't take the map to seriously or expect more from it than simply a new place to have fun with your friends or enemies or hoors of choice.


Conversion & UnitSets/Pickups - Alpha
Map Design & Production / Art - Clem
Moral Support - Dozer
Ongoing Skeptical Remarks - Ares
Testing Fodder - Withheld to protect the innocent.
Un-dying Love & Devotion - Darwin
WW2 Units & Changing the Face of Myth thinking - Santas Head

"Myth II: Soulblighter" Copyright (c) 1999 Bungie Software Products Corporation. Shattered Earth / To A Violent End was created with Bungie's "Fear" and "Loathing" by Clem.

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