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WWII Tactical Training
By Alpha ăP╚ (Jim Stadler)
Units by Santa's Head (Craig Goodman)
(c) in part or in full to Bungie
uses Titans plugin

I have always liked the Baron's Keep and thus have always wanted to see if I could do an inside map. So after watching a show about Interpol and Military tactics in confined settings I thought I'd give it a try.
I took the Baron and expanded it to a suitable size. Then I tried to make it look like the empty old castle that Interpol used for their training. One of my goals was to create the confusing and confined feel I got from the TV show. I wanted it to be hard to see into other rooms and around corners. I hope I got as close as Myth will allow.
There are four meshes. Elim.-Patrol-Squad and A-2. You have BC-Koth-Lmoth-Stb-Assassin and Terries on all of the meshes. A-2 adds CTF.
The pick-ups are those used by assault teams and I put one or two more to make it interesting. So there are no RPG's. Why? Because you are inside. There's a ceiling. So on timid through normal you have nades, incendiary nades, smoke nades, claymores and mines. On heroic I added flammers and legendary there are a few ammo belts. Sorry newbies no flaks.
One point, you can't throw nades over the walls. I'm sure you would have figured this out in time. :0)
Thanks to Peacemaker for support and for taking me in. ozone for all of our map talks and his great maps. Santa for WWII Myth. And to all my friends in the WWII community for playing my maps. Hawk for the Turret and all of his hard work trying to make the site what it is today.

Alpha ăP╚

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