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I have not received permisson to use these units from Santa's Head. I have sent an email to him asking for permission, but haven't got any response. I only put this on this on the mill to have people help me test this plug.

Took solo map "Salvation" and turned it into a cool multiplayer map. It's dark and
Elimination: 12 starting locations

Patrol : 12 starting, new unit: civilian, stampede and assassin.

Future maps will be s2 and s4 versions, and I hope to bring back the sniper, as seen in TF and Myth the TFL WWII. Also, I might use dogs like in redriver, but I'm not sure yet if I'll use them.

I need people to help me make flavor texts, names, and pregame pictures for my plug. If your interested in helping send email to icefog@gci.net as I would like any help!

Map copyright 1999 Bungie Software Corp. Made with Fear and Loathing.
Units, sounds, etc., copyright Santa's Head (REMEMBER, I HAVE NOT RECIEVED PERMISSON TO USE THEM, YET.)

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