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Ataque dos Paraibas
by: mr.sexwax

Rogue native guerilla bandits from the Paraiba of Brazil have set up many smooth opperating drug trafficing "businesses" and other black market undertakings, and have stockpiled on weapons equal to those of the military at hand. The Brazilian Government has sent their only available units to search out and deal with the guerillas. It is up to the military to take out these Paraiba cartels out ASAP (AS SOON AS POSSIBLE).

- S2 : 2 starting locations ( 2 of 5 Tanks possible, 30 Soldiers of 50 possible, 4 Cannons Poss)
- T2 : 2 starting locations ( 1 of 2 cannons possible, 21 of 25 soldiers possible)
- DA : 15 starting locations ( 1 Tank, 1Soldier/normal, 2 Soldiers/Heroic, 3Soldier/leg)
- Patrol : 15 starting locations (3 Soldiers +1Soldier on legendary)
- Elim : 15 starting locations (1 Soldier)

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fearand Loathing by: mr.sexwax

Soldier units copyright Craig Goodman aka. Santa's Head #CP#Z

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