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WW2 - No Surrender
(Requires WWII_Units_(c)CG_v1_0 )
(c) 1999 Bungie Software Products Corporation


To some players this map may seem familiar. Yes, in fact it's first incarnation was as a normal Myth map called Gambler's Heart produced by myself (clem). Designed specifically for both 4 & 2 team games, the map was designed to stretch the limits of both level design And player strategy. Gambler's Heart has received it's share of varied responses from OMG, ITZ GREAT... to OMFG, WTF WERE JOO THINKING.

THIS revision of it started as what was to be a Risk Map for the Risk Tournament. OZONE had asked me if there was anything of mine that might apply. Gambler seemed the logical answer for a question that was looking for something different. Anyhow, this did not quite make the deadline, but after testing it seemed to get a good response from testers. OZ did the majority of work on this... I did all the original work on Gambler's Heart... others have contributed also... blah, blah, blah...

That being said, I am now turning it loose on the Myth world.

Let me first explain a couple things.

This is a "FUN" map... this was intended to be nothing more than a FUN map.

You WILL have to rethink some of your strategies.

This map has some extremely HIGH & Low elevations that almost always come into play.


So, enough explanation. Heres the Junk on the Meshes.
If you're a WW2 fan, you probably know what these gametypes mean, so I'll feel free to not explain.

S2 | S4 | 8-Squad | T2 | T4
( Several of these are very powerful... extremely powerful... some will say WAY TO Powerful. Hey, if you don't like it then just don't play those meshes )


Conversion & UnitSets/Pickups - O Z O N E
Map Design & Production / Art - Clem
Displacement Tweaks - Dozer
Moral Support - Alpha
Ongoing Skeptical Remarks - Ares
Testing Fodder - Ghost & Darth Bane
Un-dying Love & Devotion - Darwin
WW2 Units & Changing the Face of Myth - Santas Head

"Myth II: Soulblighter" Copyright (c) 1999 Bungie Software Products Corporation. No Surrender / Gambler's Heart was created with Bungie's "Fear" and "Loathing" by Creation.

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