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WWII Marsh Bunkers.

There are four meshes in this plugin, utilizing both "conversion WWII units" and "standard WWII soldiers" with limited "equipment caches."

Three of the four meshes ("Elimination," "Patrol" and "Skirmish") use the "conversion" WWII units (warriors and archers become basic soldiers, dwarves become RPG units, etc...). These meshes focus on the carnage inherent to units that have no ammo limits -- which is an entirely different set of rules than the "standard WWII soldiers" with their "equipment" limitations. I used to think these conversion units were inferior because they don't require the equipment management, but I have seen the light!

The "Hardware" mesh uses "standard WWII soldiers" and their "equipment caches." This mesh differs only in that it has "basic soldiers" with their "gear" scattered around the map.

The following details each mesh individually:

This mesh is fairly much a standard eight (8) start elimination style map except that the player gets one (1) extra man on Heroic (for a total of two (2)) and another on Legendary (for a total of three (3)). Since the units are "conversion" WWII "basic soldiers", this mesh is for the hardcore Rambo freaks out there.

This four (4) start mesh is the only mesh that has "standard WWII soldiers" and their "equipment caches." It is designed for the finesse players that like ammo limitations. Though there is no unit trading, the difficulty level determines the number of units provided as follows:

Timid: 1 Soldier (he is the Assassin target)
Simple: 3 Soldiers total (1 is an Assassin target)
Normal: 5 Soldiers total (3 are Assassin targets)
Heroic: 7 Soldiers total (3 are Assassin targets)
Legendary: 11 Soldiers total (3 are Assassin targets) and a Field Cannon.

This mesh has four (4) starts and an unusually large number of units for a traditional patrol map. The unit trading allows for a small selection of powerful units (Shotguns, MGs, a Medic or RPGer), or a larger number of lesser effective units (Standard Soldiers and Grenadiers). Additionally, CTF has extra units (Grunts), and Terrs has other extra units (Scouts) to bolster the teams.

This two (2) start mesh is much the same as the patrol but with a larger number of units. Very messy.

Thanks to Rutanicus for awesome sound design and zealous beta testing. And thanks to Radicus for tactical council and zealous beta testing.

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